PIKU : A Mold Breaker

PIKU a movie which I think is a must watch for everyone. It is a kind of movie which you really want to see and enjoy. The concepts are far more better than regular commercial movies. That said, I’m not denying the fact that commercial movies should not be made or are useless. But let’s get this straight, those movies are stereotypical and for entertainment only. Movies like PIKU are food for thought, they get inside your head and make you think and above all entertain you simultaneously and when it ends you still are light headed and not burdened with the concepts shown in. I think that’s a package worth spending your precious money in watching a movie in multiplex!

It is evident that I’m in love with this movie. The characters did 100% justice to their roles and the director has given them space to perform, to be them!

Some things are worth mentioning here : Apart from the entire movie and the concept, the best part was whenΒ Piku says “my father has prepared me that much, for me to handle all alone” loved this ending to a fabulous story which otherwise would have been spoilt if the end was something else.

The whole concept of the movie was women liberation, independence, her choices and her own space. I loved the way Bhashkor Banerjee kept saying “a woman marrying without purpose is low IQ”. “She is not made to cook and clean for the husband and be available for sex”.Β The father himself advocating for an independent life for his daughter is kind of breaking the mold big time in a society like ours, where father (& mother) are the first one’s to think (read: forced to think) that daughters are burden on them and should be married off asap!

Rana Choudhary, another classic character that this movie produced. He fell for Piku but did not force his feelings on her even after knowing that she is very much reciprocating. As a typical Indian mentality male he could have coaxed her, saying she can’t handle her life all alone and they should get married. Instead, he kept things stress free, open and let the relationship be. I think to take this stand and sticking to it is very important in a relationship and is rarely seen being done by a man!

PIKU is a fresh breath of air for our culture. It is a mold breaker and not a film who’s agenda is to entertain only! Certainly a must watch !


11 thoughts on “PIKU : A Mold Breaker

  1. Definitely agree!
    My dad also once told me that there was no compulsion for me to marry! It was better, he said, to be happy and single rather than be married but unhappy!

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