The Last Leg

Pregnancy! Aha, a topic about which a lady who has gone through the entire process can talk at lengths. About her experiences, good-bad-ugly. Let’s accept, P word is not always pretty. It is sometimes ugly, sometimes amazing, sometimes average experience and most of the times mix of it all.

In both my P days, I can safely say that I enjoyed the entire period. Though, I should not rush things in saying this since I’m still to complete this time’s last month 🙂 But overall I’ve been happy this time as well.

But now, the last leg is little troublesome. Well, troublesome in terms of moving around, getting up and lying down, changing sides in sleep. These things really get difficult because of the obvious heaviness and anxiety to reach the end sooner. This is typically the waiting period. when you are far away from the deadline you know there’s a long way to go but when you are near the deadline, you get a little impatient.

So, I’ve been doing good, but now I’m getting impatient and anxious and worried and happy about getting gifted with a small bundle of joy by the Almighty. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that I love being pregnant, not for the perks that it brings with it (pampering & special attention etc) but the result that it gives you at the end of it all. I love making babies. I love the very fact that I’m capable of making a human being. It is a blessing and I’m glad I exercised my ability. If life and circumstances and my dear husband would have allowed, I would have made another one too 😉

Anyway, just to put it on records, I’m in my last leg of term. Feeling very excited for new things to come in my life. Looking forward to the new baby and the new mum that I’ll become. Yes new mum because each child is different and is to be dealt differently. Also, just because I have been a mum for 4 years doesn’t mean I’m a pro now, I believe, with the new child I’ll start afresh with everything that is the person MOTHER!

Send in your best wishes, need them so very much 🙂


21 thoughts on “The Last Leg

  1. my wishes with you always.. enjoy this very special period and I am eagerly waiting to hear about the arrival of the new bundle.. I am sure this new life will bring in more meaning and happiness to your life.. take care

  2. Always in a hurry, never happy waiting. That be you, my dear friend! But the time is coming soon, so we all wait with you. Congratulations and let us know as soon as you can about the little sweetheart.


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