Moving Home, Moving Life!

We shifted houses and boy, it is certainly a herculean task. First pack the entire household in those brown boxes and then transport them to the new location.For a day or two our new abode was looking carton floored. There was no space to see the floor and we had to jump and hop between the boxes to make our way. Well, not jump and hop literally 😉 Once done, this seemed still easier as compared to opening the boxes and setting the things up at their places. Not easy, not at all easy I say.

We moved in the new house on 13th June, Saturday. Today on a Wednesday we are almost set up, barring couple of shelves, meaning couple of cartons! But now the makaan looks like a ghar.

I’ve a mixed feeling relating to this move. I know we’ve moved for the better. I know there is greater good attached to this change yet I’m not 100% delighted about it. You know what I mean? Let me explain:Leaving the old house, where you’ve been living for no matter how less a time or how long a time, it breaks your heart. You not only leave the house but you leave the neighbourhood, the street, the birds, the plants, the soil, the voices of the vendors and everything else that you get used to while living in that locality. Its not only about moving bases, it is about moving life.

But I can’t feel sad. I can’t feel upset about this move, when I was the  one who planned it basically. So, it is not fair to the new house, to not give it a chance to let us feel alive. To create moments to last life long. To create memories that I’ll keep in my heart forever, I know. So, I should pick my heart up, chin straight and embrace this new life that has begun in the new house home. After all,


4 thoughts on “Moving Home, Moving Life!

  1. Lovely post. We are going to move too soon and I’m already getting nostalgic about our entire eco system here – vendors, kirana store, auto stand guys, shops, everyone. Oh well, new baby new home. Lots of good wishes 🙂

  2. beautifully expressed! I loved your thoughts. 🙂
    Leaving a home and making a new one brings along a lot of mixed emotions….but embracing and accommodating the changes that life presents us with, is what makes life as it is 🙂

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