Don’t you get tired…

of judging people? Of assuming the other side without knowing the facts & figures? Of making assumptions of the situation as is? Of making weird comments and passing judgements on others’ decisions?

I’ve no intention to clarify anything to people who plainly judge others on the face of it. I dislike judging and assuming things on my own without knowing the entire thing and I make sure I’m not doing that, whatsoever. Unknowingly, if I tend to judge, I stop myself immediately and remind that “boss, there must be a situation at other’s end which you don’t know, so stop your imaginations and do better things in life!”

While I can tell myself such things, there is no way I can control the way people think. It irks me, tickles my funny bone and makes me shake my head in sheer disappointment that how low people can get down to just judge others. Really? Don’t they get tired of doing the same things time and again ?

Anyway, the reason for this post, at this moment is just to vent out what I went through this pregnancy and it also brought back some old memories. And you know, writing is one of the ways to take it out of your system and calm down. Moreover, it will give (handful of) my readers a good laugh to know the (low) thinking capabilities of people out there šŸ™‚

I drove to work today, when in my 9th month of pregnancy. People’s reaction “Haww, what a husband, he doesn’t care and let her drive in this state”.Ā 

My side: First of all get this straight, I’m pregnant, not sick to be dependant on others. Yes, being pregnant means being careful but not dependant as long as my state permits me to do my own things, please note! Secondly, I’ve been driven by my husband since a month now and he has done all that it takes to adjust his work life to suit mine and support me in my work timings, where were you when he did this so far, why didn’t you comment then to appreciate him? Thirdly, why today I had to drive because there is a reason: He had to pick our daughter from school and the timingsĀ coincided, sometimesĀ you’ve to make choices and adjust routines, we just did that, nothing more to it, no melodrama where in my husband is cruel and making me suffer through my “tough” times etc, ok?

We conceived Chirpy after 5 years of our marriage.Ā People’s reaction “Are you guys having some issues conceiving? I know a specialist, go meet her. Don’t you think 5 years is too long to have kids after marriage? Does this long gap mean you will have only one child? Are you not going to have any kids?

My side:Ā Ladies, this is none of your business, our marriage, our relationship, our prerogative to have kids and decide when to have them. Whether we choose to have a child or not, depends on us. Whether we have issues or not, our problem. Thanks for beingĀ overĀ concerned for us, but no thanks, we will approach you if need be, right now just buzz off! I don’t know how many people know or even after knowing how many people think logically, I enrolled myself for an MBA post my marriage. That’s how we had planned it and that’s why we had agreed to get married earlier that we wanted to, family wish and all that. So I studied full time MBA, worked for a while and then I decided to take a break from work to make babies! Whether our planning was wrong or not, let us decide and see for ourselves! We are wise enough and educated enough to make our own choices!!

I delivered Chirpy via C-section process.Ā People’s reaction “What? C-sec, oh o! Motherhood is incompleteĀ withoutĀ birthing vaginally. Poor Chirpy!”

My side:Ā What? Are you kidding me? Just because I delivered Chirpy via getting operated and not “normally” I’m a less of a mother to her? Wow, what a theory, from where did it come from, Please share the source! What actually happened during the delivery is unimaginable. I was inĀ labourĀ for almost 20 hours and finally my water brokeĀ which led the doctors and us to take a decision. Mine and my baby’s safety was utmost important rather than worrying about how much mother would I remain upon being operated! I guess that’s the whole point, I’ve heard people emphasizing on their wives/daughters-in-law delivering vaginally and wait until the last moment, sometimes even risking the woman’s life. How fair is that? I think birthing is a process to bring happiness and new life to the world and not increasing risks and failures to families and new mothers!

Its my last month of pregnancy and I’m still going to office.Ā People’s reaction “What? Are you crazy? You should sit at home and relax.What kind of MIL it is? She doesn’t guide on this front? Husbands lets your step out?Ā 

My side:Ā I’ll repeat my logic here. I’m pregnant, not sick. I’m enjoying my life, my time and I’m comfortable. I’m thankful to my husband and MIL of being supportive of my decisions and not enforcing me to do anything that I don’t wish to. My MIL puts in extra efforts to ensure I’m not doing a single task at home, howsoever I would want to do little things. My husband is my partner in my sleepless nights, and in the morning does all the chores related to my 4 years old to send her off to school etc. Moreover, my doctor is supportive of the fact that as long as I can easily live normal life, I should continue without breaking the routine. If I can go to work I should, if I can drive without any hassles, I must. So what else do I want? Being pregnant and living a normal life, ain’t that a great state to be in? So what’s there to complain?

I enrolled myself to a full-time MBA course after marriage.Ā People’s reaction: The entire anecdote is written here, interested may hop over !

Well, there are so many things that I’ve heard and have been judged about. Can’t write them all here. Not worth and very tiring basically! But anyway I feel good having written all these. Taken out of my head šŸ™‚



5 thoughts on “Don’t you get tired…

  1. I sometimes, think judging should be illegal. And I am not kidding. šŸ™‚ My kids are the love of my life and the source of my true happiness and I hate it when ppl judge and assume my life sucks because I have two young kids. I stay away from these ppl. Ignore them Scribby. And hope you are feeling now. šŸ™‚

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