New Mum (yet,again!) On the Block Says:

So, this is about the new mum, a second timer, but still a new one because every kid is different and every time it is a new birth! I feel exactly the same, a new me, a newbie at doing things, with a dash of experience though, but I feel with Sibby I’m learning the ABC of mommyhood, right from the start.

I’m enjoying being a mother again, a mother of two! It feels good to have created two cute little humans who are no less dear to you than your life…they are your life!

With Sibby I’ve to admit one thing for sure, breastfeeding came in very easily, to me and to Sibby as well. He latched instantly, he wants me all the time and is so very happy feeding on my milk. Unlike Chirpy, where in breastfeeding was a nightmare, we did not gel well in that duration, she did not latch properly, and it hurt me like hell! I cried, I hated myself for not being able to feed my baby and I felt a little less like a mother because I wasn’t feeding my milk to my baby.. all the breastfeeding trauma that could possibly be caused had taken place then. I figured out, quite later, that I was naive, my baby was just couple of days old and no one gave us proper gyaan about breastfeeding that we should have known as first timers. This time however, I told myself to be determined, to take it easy and to give time to both of us. Maybe that’s what worked. I counselled myself. I gave myself due credit that I’m trying and not giving up. I cuddled my baby and patted him for latching well. Basically, that bond, was created. We became the happy duo, sitting in our own corner and having our own us time.

Honestly, I’ve to realise two things from my own experience:

A) Breastfeeding is a rocket science!

B) Breastfeeding is not a rocket science!

Oh confusing, ain’t it? Let me explain.

A) Rocket science because it takes your patience, hard work, diligence and relaxed mind to bring it all together to feed your baby. It also needs your baby to be in sync with your trials. It takes two to tango, aka breastfeed! So it is a science, that two people, one adult and one tiny little being, have to sync in and practice to master it.

B) It is not a rocket science because its not a big deal. It can’t be taught, it has to be practised. It has to be given time and to each his own. We should not give it more than required importance so much so that new mothers are bogged down by the trauma of not being able to feed their new babies. It is to be enjoyed, to be cherished and not be marked taboo and create fears in mothers’ minds. So don’t give it a status of rocket science where in it start looking difficult or impossible.

Breastfeeding is a boon, if you can do it, well and good. If you for some reasons cannot do it, doesn’t matter. Don’t feel sad about it. It is okay to give your baby top-feed. It is okay to make enough milk because every body is different. Don’t look down upon yourself. You are a mother in several other ways and breastfeeding is not the only yardstick to prove that you are a mum. You bore that child for 9 months in your tummy and that’s a bigger task than any other, I think!

Enjoy motherhood 🙂


4 thoughts on “New Mum (yet,again!) On the Block Says:

  1. Congrats again dear.. I never gave in so much of thought in breastfeeding, may because both the times it happened quite well.. the only problem was the transition time.. from breast feed to bottle/glass feed. I was becoming really weak, and I had to forcefully stop after 1.5 yrs.. had to use neem oil to stop Bunty from coming to me.. had so many embarrassing moments with Bunty pulling my dress in public places..

  2. Loved the openness with which you’ve written about breast feeding here Scribby…very much needed for new mothers. They either don’t feed or never try…
    Anyway…love to the little Sibby and my beautiful C ❤
    Bless you mommy !

  3. Breastfeeding literally scared me. Mine wasn’t a happy experience at all. But I have made my peace with it, because there wasn’t anything I could do about it anymore.

    Congrats to the new mommy and the family Scribby. Its always very emotional when a new member joins your family. Doesn’t matter first or second.

    Take care.

  4. Heartiest Congratulations on the new arrival in the family 🙂
    Hope you and Sibby are doing well.
    Much love & loads of blessings to C, Sibby & yourself.

    Take care dear 🙂

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