Is No Title a Title ?

Just realised while talking to a dear friend that I’ve not blogged since a year now! How strange is that? I look back and see that I was such a regular blogger and now since past one year life has become so busy (or the drive of writing has gone down?) that I’ve not visited this space.

Well, now that I’m here today, I felt that the fire of writing is kind of rekindled and thenย ek post toh banta hai!ย 

I thought I would try to put everything in a nut shell as to what I’ve been up to all this while, but then its too much to write down in a nut shell, will not fit at all ๐Ÿ˜‰ If I have to sum things up then, life’s been super cool, with minimum lows and maximum sunny side ups! Life’s been benevolent and we’ve been taking it all with both hands!

In the upcoming news, there are lot of new things around the corner to take place. I’m keeping fingers crossed and hoping everything falls in place, at the right time!

Life is a little different, not completely changed though, with two kids. Chirpy is growing to be amazingly grown-up types with logic and reasoning behind her every argument and question. We enjoy talking to her, basically its like learning new things from her and taking in different perspective on the same old things that we’ve been taught or know about. Kids really teach us well and we must keep our eyes and ears open to learn.

Like all parents, we adore our kids. Especially when they are asleep, its such a cute sight to see them sleep side by side, most of the times cuddled and other times forming a random shapes with heads elsewhere and 2 pairs of limbs elsewhere ๐Ÿ™‚ Having kids changes your life, sure, increases your responsibilities, certainly but then having kids in your life definitely gives your life a meaning and perspective that you never knew existed!

I’ve to come here often and write abt what’s happening in life, or else the purpose of this blog will be defeated! I’ve to write so much about both my kids, their antics and their growing years! I must come back, for sure!


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