Lettered Posts

I have seen lot of bloggers doing this and successfully at that. I also want to try my hands at this one and please myself and give myself a chance to believe that I can still write and have not forgotten the basic skills 😉

I had not blogged for a year and it is so unlike me. I’ve been blogging for 9 years now and not writing a single post in an year is just too much to believe!

I want to start, the flair or putting all your thoughts in writing has somewhat faded a little in last one year. Life ran too fast and I kind of could not cope up with the speed, that’s what I can say!

This being my b’day month I want to gift myself the pledge of writing lettered posts. Everyday? Not sure but I want to do this A-Z thing!


4 thoughts on “Lettered Posts

C'mon,out with it,right here :)

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