T for Time


So this post is for T for Time, making time for things that I love to do, things that I feel that I was born (yeah yeah, cliched and all that!)

When I checked the last post date on this blog, it was in September and today we are in November, exactly almost 2 months later. This blog has been eating dust, lying around like lazies and the owner, that is me, is not at all bothered of my child which I gave birth to with all enthusiasm when I most needed it and now when this child of mine needs me, I’m royally ignoring it, how nice of me is that?

So, no matter how long and serious enough I thought of writing on this blog, I acted like one crazy lazy bum and never kind of paid heed to actually setting the priorities right. So what brought me to write this post here, today?

Well, you can say it takes super crazy blogger friends for me to pick up my bum, do some jig and give my fingers some exercise by taking up NaBloPoMo November challenge with my girls’ gang!

You can check them out here, yeah call me lazy, that toh I’m, very much! So here’s the list of blogs that are going to be up and shining for you readers to read every day with smashing new posts 🙂 All thanks to the one lady who managed to pull all of us together in this madness, Swaram!

So along with writing on blog, I have to also tell myself to start, actually re-start, reading. I feel shameful to admit that I had given up on reading in past few months. This year has been disastrous in terms of reading, only 8 books so far, what was I doing for 10 months in 2016, I’ve no clue whatsoever!

I feel sad when I look back and have nothing to cherish when it comes to books. They’ve always had special place in my life and even after that I managed to send them to the back seat where they really don’t deserve to be! That said, this didn’t stop my from buying books, I did buy a lot of them this year, but again only buying in loading the library for no reason is not good, right?

I know this is not the time for new year resolutions but I’m going to make 1 today, right now.

I will make time to read and write!

and this is not because I must because I’ve so many books or because I’ve this blog, but really, because I want to do it, from the bottom of my heart! Writing is therapeutic, I feel saner when I write what I’m feeling, be it bad or good. Reading, I don’t need to express what it feels to read a good book and have it settle down in your mind, where it stays with you!

I want to be me again, somewhere in the race of life, I’m losing myself by not devoting time for myself. Not that anyone’s restricting or there are any boundaries, just that I’ve become lazy, sheer lazy to get up move it!

So, yes, T is for Time, making time for things I love-Reading and Writing!




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