Blabber Jabber

After all, such posts are so so important and have their own place in blogathon, right? You know the kind of post where you’ve so much on your mind and plenty on your plate but no time on your watch ? Ha!

Today is that day, I want to write, because I’ve committed, but I don’t have time because I’m loaded!!! (wah, how poetically correct I’ve written!)

So work has picked up in new office and life’s moving ahead with speed. I love being busy, having a hectic schedule and running around to manage time and achieve! That’s the kind of person I’m professionally. Last one month I literally had this “honeymoon” period where supposedly people don’t come out of their rooms, in fact beds! πŸ˜›

New work place is good and my boss here is awesome, so far, I mean! After all its just 2 months that I’m here . So I don’t want to spoil it all too early! However, before judging any workplace I think at least 1 year’s time should be given to the Company as well as the boss to prove themselves, in the meanwhile you do your job too! So both sides its fair for people to analyse at the end of it all if the fitment exists!

So far I think I’m rightly fit here and will be happy in future too. My last post about leaving this full time job/career, is still running hot in my mind and I’m at it. So even at this new job, I’ve decided to at least spend 1 year and set all the things up for them before I say bye bye! Because I don’t want to leave them in the midst and say ‘I don’t care’, not fair to them, right?

So work’s picked up, I’m busy and I’m loving it here. I’ve got a cabin, which by the way I don’t like cause cabins are like boundaries between people which I hate. I’m constantly talking to my boss and trying to convince him to have me seated somewhere in the bay, out in open with a little secluded space of my own without door and walls, but alas, the senior HR position and all that drama attached to it is taking a toll on me,sigh! I miss my old office space, it was a semi cabin and open and huge AND with a nice beeg window by my seat. I loved it and it was my haven!

In the other news, Sibby darling has started walking and he and his sister are like house on fire. They rock man, they are a sight to see. Sibby has understood that Chirpy is his play mate and that they can do mischiefΒ together. He’s so possessive of his sister already, that even a little raise in my voice for her, makes him glare at me like the next moment he’ll give me a big lecture about how not to say anything bad/scold his sister! But this is cute, no? Ultra cute πŸ™‚

Husby dear is extensively traveling this month and a little over next month too, I hate when is he’s not around and that too so much! for a week is like too much for me to function without him 😦 I’m so so used to him being around!

Anyway, that’s my Β life at this moment. I’m reading the 4th book of Clifton Series by Jeffery Archer. Anything that you are reading right now ? Anything interesting that you want to recommend ?


7 thoughts on “Blabber Jabber

  1. well at least you are posting .. I have been a cheating and not posted at all 😦 bad bad me I know

    all the best in the new place .. have fun and I am sure it will be brilliantttttttttttttttttttttt

    and god bless the little one … Hubby away well the three of you can have fun he he he he he

  2. So cool to see you regular after such a long time! I finally read all the posts πŸ™‚
    Dilemmas I believe makes our lives happening and annoying at the same time. I have the same thoughts around work. I am not sure if I want to take the plunge and get out of it and then miss it. Maybe I will hate it. But I won’t know! Anyhoo, the good thing is you like the new job and atmosphere πŸ™‚
    Sibby is 15 months old :o! Oh My God! So finally you get to see all the sibling love we have discussed before!
    Keep writing and keep us updated πŸ˜€

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