Logic or Need

We all know that everyone thinks differently and has a background which is the base of someone’s thinking and decision making. People have had (bad) experiences based on which they take future decisions and alter their behavior or expectations.

All this is ok, agreed! When it comes to putting your point of view, have you come across some people who start with a normal (healthy) discussion and then seeing that they are losing their point OR unable to present it logically, supported with facts, they just for the “need” of winning, keep arguing, have you seen such people?

I do get irritated, appalled and entertained by such people. I mean debating is fine, presenting your point is ok but unnecessarily arguing for no reason at all is something that doesn’t go well with me. If you have your thoughts assembled and you have logic behind to speak about it, please do. But the moment you realize that your point is invalid and doesn’t hold ground, you should just let it go, or maybe research some more on your point and come back with better preparation, right?

I’m all ears for logical and healthy arguments (oh, wait! is that an oxymoron?) But don’t argue for the sake of winning, for anyhow proving that the other person (who actually has a logic) is wrong. That, in my view, spoils the game! It becomes dirty and things go haywire!

I just hope people would know, everything ain’t about winning!


6 thoughts on “Logic or Need

  1. And that moment when you argue to win is the moment when ego takes control over your logical thoughts.. IMO, most things will become sensible once people are ready to shed their ego!!

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