Geographically Challenged

When it comes to unknown streets and new paths, I feel helpless and lost. I’m totally purely geographically challenged person on this earth!

I do remember roads to reach destinations but those are the ones I use regularly and are straight in line, I miss gali and pagdandis which seemingly are favorites of people that I’ve known. They call it short-cuts! Duh…

But really, I’m too much dependent on GPS services which I think is not very nice! Especially when I drive on my own, I should not get lost. Or even if I don’t drive, I should know which road I’m being driven on!

And the funny part is I don’t know how to try to get over this challenge. I mean, just how? So far I’ve managed to survive all my life without being a road expert, because I highly depend on GPS and people to guide me. I just hope I get the sense of roads quickly , its better no? Now a days, even Chirpy is like aware of all the roads, which actually makes me a little embarrassed 😉


24 thoughts on “Geographically Challenged

  1. It isn’t difficult really. Forget the roads. Remember major landmarks. Some hotel….some bank….some residential building which don’t go off radar overnight. That’s what I do.

    1. Yeah of course its not difficult, only thing is I just don’t want to explore new roads unnecessarily, I stick to my regular ones and the moment I’m asked to take up a new one, problem occurs! 🙂

  2. Are you serious about it..I feel wow when I sit in a auto..he decided the easiest road ,less traffic, the bad traffic..I so love not to remember the destination..and for you..its so easy in India.. ask ppl..they will pour in their history, geography 😜..safar khubsurat hain mansil se bhi..take a chill..its proved women are bad with maps..I accept and enjoy my lostness..

        1. hehehe but he reached India via newly discovered sea route, which is not completely lost, no? that was a contribution to the world… if I get lost, I’ll only add to the trouble 😉 hehehehe

  3. If there is one thing I’m reeeeeeeeeeeally good it, it’s this. I’m the official GPS of most people I travel with (and especially of surprise to guys because they say women are horrible at this).

  4. Ha ha Nu 😀
    Come on…I think you’re not putting your heart into learning it…thats all!
    Just start visualizing the whole street and how it connects to other places and what possible ways to reach a place – while not driving! It might help.

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