Those were the days…

Don’t we often say this when we are reminiscing about the old times? And then we also tend to add, those were the “best” days !

I tend to disagree here, I’ll tell you why! The word ‘best’ makes it a disagreement for me. I think all days of our lives are best, if I may say so. Because if we would not have lived those days, these days won’t come and similarly if we don’t live these days to the fullest, our future days won’t come.

For example, today being Children’s Day, I got few forwards which stated “those where the best of our lives.. childhood” I think we can’t say that. These days where we grew up, learnt and starting earning money and status for ourselves are also the good days that have dawned upon us. That’s life, no? We move on, the time moves on our life progresses. If it had been only school days, we would have bored by now, in fact when we were in schools, we always wished to grow up, do things like grow nails, apply nail polishes, go to movies with friends only, celebrate b’days at restaurants, bunk college, not wear uniform etc. So I’m saying we did want to reach to the other stage and the stage thereafter in life.

Then now why do say those were the best days of our lives? Every day, every phase is best phase, if we make it that, I believe!

Life’s like that, we don’t want to be there where we are at that point and then look back or in the future and want to be there. Aren’t we confused? Aren’t we unfair to life, which takes us ahead in time and yet we claim to be happier in the past?

I would like to believe that if at all I was not in this phase of life, I would not have blogged, I would not earned my own money, I would not have made these friends that are there with keeping the old ones too, I would not have married and had such beautiful kids etc.

So I certainly love the times when I was at school, the friends that I had and the life we lived then, but then I’m thankful that I reached here in this time, alive, healthy and still going ahead in life to reach to next phase … getting older is a beautiful thing, for you mature, you grow up from yesterday and you learn more. Isn’t this lovely ?



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