My Love Affair…

with Dhaniya! Yes, I’ve a relationship with Coriander. I love it to the core. Can’t imagine cooking without it or food without spicy coriander chutney !

If there’s no coriander sprinkled on the dishes, I feel they are incomplete. They are left to look unbeautiful (couldn’t have said ugly!)

Adding coriander to your dishes is like completing the date with your lover with that last peck on the cheek 🙂

I love the dash of green that it adds to all the dishes, and it goes well with pretty much everything, every color food, creating a colorful symphony.

It tastes good.. the bite that you take, it tastes distinctively delicious other than the food that you are eating.

I pamper my Dhaniya  a lot. When it is brought home, pluck the leaves from the stems, rinse them, leave them to dry on a newspaper for a while and when they are slightly damp, put them in a air tight box lined with newspaper and close the lid, which is also lined with a newspaper. This way my Dhaniya remains beautiful, green, fresh and young for a longer time!

So you can imagine how much I love coriander, so much so that I’ve made a complete post of out it 😉

What’s your kitchen love? Which food item you literally pamper ?


14 thoughts on “My Love Affair…

  1. Oh wow! A post on love for dhaniya! 😀 I started loving dhaniya after marriage coz the husband is in LOVE with dhaniya too. He has to add it to every dish. Liked the way you store it. I dont wash it, but wrap it in newspaper and put it in Tupperware Fridge Smart box. Will try the way you do it! 🙂

  2. I used to HATE it as a child (my mom loved it and would add loads of it in everything possible). And now, I love it! But I think i love curry leaves just a leettil bit more 😉
    Isn’t all the lead in newspapers bad for you? Esp since the leaves are in direct contact?

      1. Same doubt. 🙂 There have been a couple of pointers and articles, especially of late. Infact, they suggest not using newspaper with the waste that we compost too!

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