Friday Fever!

Fridays are special to me, for obvious reasons but not because I don’t like Mondays. But because I love weekends 🙂

Friday for me means movies in theater. We watch movies every Friday night, well not every movie but almost all!

Friday for me means light and happy environment.

Friday for me is an early start to the weekend with peppy work environment, late night movie and lazying around from the next day 🙂

Friday for me means office casuals!

Friday for me means planning for weekend cooking, I love to cook and since I don’t cook the entire week, I indulge myself on Saturday and Sunday by cooking each and every meal 🙂

Friday for me means getting into the “doing nothing” phase for 2 whole days except cook and read and play with kids!

Friday for me means end of the week gone by and getting ready for the new week which is around the corner!

I love Fridays, it has an psychological effect on me, a happy effect 🙂

Do you love Fridays? Oh of course you must 🙂 Silly kestion!

6 thoughts on “Friday Fever!

  1. There was a time I hated Fridays. It used to be my busiest day 🙂 Now its much better. But if I have a favourite day, it’s probably Wednesday. Half the week done, only half left. I know, I am mad 🙂

  2. I used to love Fridays, when I was in India. Now, I’m supposed to give that love to Thursdays…but it just isn’t the same, you know!? Esp not so when you have “the weekend” on Friday/Saturday and you know your people (back home) are all busy on Friday…and you’re at work on Sunday! So for all practical purposes, i now have a 1-day weekend. No likey!

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