So, this is me!

There are people who judge other people, based on their definition of ‘cool’ and ‘classy’. Which is natural. But what is natural is always right, is not the case, right? Ok, I think so!

  1. Your cool might not be my cool.
  2. Your cool maybe my cool too but I may be restricted by circumstances to play that cool.
  3. Your cool is really not very cool but only because you feel strongly about it, you think that’s the only cool!

If I’ve not confused you already, let me move ahead. So, I feel everyone, according to their best ability and knowledge and choice, is cool and nice. Who are we to judge each other? A certain person might not fit your bill but that still doesn’t make that person not-nice or not-good.

And when someone judges you, you know. You can feel it. They may not say it in many words but their body language, their reaction and their eyes- everything speak loud and clear.

If I’ve to judge myself, I know the flaws that I’ve, I know the areas where I’ve a long way to go, I know I’m lazy, I ignore my health, I can be a number one procrastinator at times, I avoid talking on phone, etc etc. (Just admitting, not being proud of it)

But I also know that I empathize, I’m emotional, I love 100% and genuinely, I read, I travel, I help, I feel, I don’t judge, I cook, I create, I design, I sketch, I paint, I craft, I drive, I’m funny, I swim, I watch movies,I’ve a career, I care, I don’t plan or plot and most importantly- I’m honest!

If I see what “I do or I’m”, it wins over the list of “I’m not and I don’t”. So, in my humble opinion I’m a nice person even if I look lazy or fat to you πŸ™‚

The point is just by seeing someone on the outer or spending just a little time with them or even reading their blogs for that matter, we shouldn’t lable a person-especially a bad or that of not so cool lable. Everyone has a reason to not be something or for being someone that they’re. Just let them be, like you are generous with yourself for being what you want to be,right?

Let’s not judge, let’s not tag – just be, let be!

*gyaan ends here*

4 thoughts on “So, this is me!

  1. Omg! Whoever said anything for you to pour it out in the blog like this?
    Hugs desrπŸ’•
    Its a tough thing to be your own self and I am glad that you are not a person to be bogged down by the opinions of others who keep judging!

    1. heeh no, no one said anything to me. I wrote this post in general. Because I speak to so many people every day and out of which, I’ve noticed maximum have the tendency to judge others and comment on their choices etc. I personally dislike it. Let everyone just be. This post is a statement, not an heart ache πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

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