Losing Track

Started with a zest to return to this blog and write regularly if not daily. But something has changed, something is not the same – blogging is not the same that it was in those years. Like about 7 years ago!

I love writing even today – it gives me freedom to express and there’s no limit on words or time, I can write however long post I want and no one shall ask me to shut up!

Also, the best part of blogging – for me – is I’m better at writing my thoughts as compared to speaking them up. I feel while writing I’m more organized and the flow of thoughts is in order.

So when the love for writing is intact and the advantages are clear, then what happened to blogging? Earlier, it was so much fun, there was a undying excitement to check wordpress, to read blogs and to write your own. There was communication, however silly or wise, bloggers did engage. I miss that gang, I miss that madness. Everyone had a life then, everyone has a life now – so what really changed? What made us so busy to not look at the blogging world, at all?

I’ve made some really good friends here. Though blogging has (very near to) vanished from my life, I’m happy the friends stayed. Blogging also changed me as a person, how I thought, how I looked at things, how I knew things – it did change me and for good.

I think I’ve lost the track to schedule blogging in my daily routine. Of course there’s no compulsion to blog, no one’s holding me at a gun point! But how funny is that – I want to blog and I can’t seem to find a way to include it in my routine.

Let’s see if I’m able to take baby steps and get it back in my life!

New Beginnings of Twenty Nineteen

I should definitely start with thanking my dear friendsย Nuttie and DI for nudging, encouraging and basically pulling me out of my lazy cocoon to brush the dust off this blog.

I missed writing. But I never made time to write, be it updates or a blah blah. Over the past few years, I’ve realized that between speaking my thoughts upfront and writing them down, I do a better job at the latter. So, all the more reason I should write. After all the purpose of this blog is to record things for future, create a series of short stories to laugh at when I’m in my second half of the year in life, to write about my kids, who every single day give me so much masala to savor ๐Ÿ™‚

So, now that I’ve given my fingers a little exercise and mind a little push to recall how to post on wordpress, I’m telling myself that I will come here, everyday-possibly, and write.

2018 was a great year, overall. Life’s good and I’m thankful!

2019 brings me another year closer to my middle adulthood stage! I’m totally excited to reach there, to be that number and be in that phase.

I’m glad to be back, really. It feels so much better to write, wow! I had forgotten this feeling but as they say all’s well that begins.. (well, not sure who says this, but I think its right, no?) ๐Ÿ™‚

T for Time


So this post is for T for Time, making time for things that I love to do, things that I feel that I was born (yeah yeah, cliched and all that!)

When I checked the last post date on this blog, it was in September and today we are in November, exactly almost 2 months later. This blog has been eating dust, lying around like lazies and the owner, that is me, is not at all bothered of my child which I gave birth to with all enthusiasm when I most needed it and now when this child of mine needs me, I’m royally ignoring it, how nice of me is that?

So, no matter how long and serious enough I thought of writing on this blog, I acted like one crazy lazy bum and never kind of paid heed to actually setting the priorities right. So what brought me to write this post here, today?

Well, you can say it takes super crazy blogger friends for me to pick up my bum, do some jig and give my fingers some exercise by taking up NaBloPoMo November challenge with my girls’ gang!

You can check them out here, yeah call me lazy, that toh I’m, very much! So here’s the list of blogs that are going to be up and shining for you readers to read every day with smashing new posts ๐Ÿ™‚ All thanks to the one lady who managed to pull all of us together in this madness, Swaram!

So along with writing on blog, I have to also tell myself to start, actually re-start, reading. I feel shameful to admit that I had given up on reading in past few months. This year has been disastrous in terms of reading, only 8 books so far, what was I doing for 10 months in 2016, I’ve no clue whatsoever!

I feel sad when I look back and have nothing to cherish when it comes to books. They’ve always had special place in my life and even after that I managed to send them to the back seat where they really don’t deserve to be! That said, this didn’t stop my from buying books, I did buy a lot of them this year, but again only buying in loading the library for no reason is not good, right?

I know this is not the time for new year resolutions but I’m going to make 1 today, right now.

I will make time to read and write!

and this is not because I must because I’ve so many books or because I’ve this blog, but really, because I want to do it, from the bottom of my heart! Writing is therapeutic, I feel saner when I write what I’m feeling, be it bad or good. Reading, I don’t need to express what it feels to read a good book and have it settle down in your mind, where it stays with you!

I want to be me again, somewhere in the race of life, I’m losing myself by not devoting time for myself. Not that anyone’s restricting or there are any boundaries, just that I’ve become lazy, sheer lazy to get up move it!

So, yes, T is for Time, making time for things I love-Reading and Writing!



H for Holiday Hacks

I know the alphabets start with letter A, but hey, who said I can’t start in the middle, randomly from anywhere? ๐Ÿ˜‰ So today is letter H day for me!


There are many thoughts that kept coming to my mind in last few months, regarding holidays and strings attached to it. Penning them down here, I would love you to add more such hacks to the list so that it is helpful for all of us ๐Ÿ™‚

#HolidayHack1 :ย Don’t just start shopping for clothes on the word Holiday! Check your wardrobe, 90% of the times you’ve all the necessary clothes/accessories for the holiday that you to take!

#HolidayHack2ย :ย Keep a to-do / to-watch list handy with you for the places you are going. It is good to do some research on where to go and what to do and have a plan chalked out to save time when you are actually at the destination. Get insights from the resident friends, even better!

#HolidayHack3ย :ย If you are a read-o-holic no matter wherever you go, pls arrange your books on your phone/kindle. I know reading physical books is an emotional need BUT traveling light is practically essential need!!

#HolidayHack4ย : Go by the adage ‘when in Rome….’ Eat the local food and be merry! Don’t waste time on searching for back home’s delicacies and save yourself from disasters and hungry stomachs!

#HolidayHack5ย : Always expect the unexpected, that’ll keep things in place and you excited ๐Ÿ™‚

#HolidayHack6ย : Your holiday should be planned in a manner wherein you get a chance to soak in the aura of that place, feel every inch of it and grab things around in your memory basket…before being on the go! Feel the place and live in the moment!


Lettered Posts

I have seen lot of bloggers doing this and successfully at that. I also want to try my hands at this one and please myself and give myself a chance to believe that I can still write and have not forgotten the basic skills ๐Ÿ˜‰

I had not blogged for a year and it is so unlike me. I’ve been blogging for 9 years now and not writing a single post in an year is just too much to believe!

I want to start, the flair or putting all your thoughts in writing has somewhat faded a little in last one year. Life ran too fast and I kind of could not cope up with the speed, that’s what I can say!

This being my b’day month I want to gift myself the pledge of writing lettered posts. Everyday? Not sure but I want to do this A-Z thing!

House Arrest!

For some reason I’m bounded to my bed and all I do these days is sleep, eat, pee, read, eat, poop and repeat. Pretty much like a little baby except that babies are cute bundle and they don’t read, that’s the only difference. Okay, one more, I pee and poop on my own and not , thankfully, dependent on anyone else!

So now you know the reason of me blogging almost every day and reading and commenting on others’ blogs. Reading books and doing reviews and also signed up for HT Brunch Challenge of reading 30 books this year. Not that I’ll be on bed like this for entire year, but, till the time I’m on it, I’m making the most of it, positively! See I told you about being positive and all that gyaan? I’m following it and I’m happy.

I’m doing fine, nothing to worry. I’ve never been on this ‘punishment’ ever in my life. Didn’t know how it feels to be doing nothing and just lying on the bed. Initially it sounds fancy that people are hovering around you at your service, and all you do is spend leisure time reading and sleeping, the things that you most admire when you are on your toes in usual days. But now that I’m into at, I can feel the itch of getting out of bed. Doing stuff, being busy, getting ready, driving, going to office and all that jazz. I miss watching movies in theatre! I miss my office, which sometimes I hate in normal circumstances by the way. I want to be back to normal, my life, my routine! Fingers crossed, hopeย uparwala is listening to my plea!

God forbid, have you ever been in such situation for whatsoever reasons? I hope not and I wish you never face this!

All in all, life is still good ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m using my ‘free’ time for things l love to do and don’t get to do now a days. I’m loving that this blogging thing is back in my schedule. Also, I’ve realised, one always want something that one doesn’t have!!!! How ironic is human mind?



4 Nuttie Scribblers,Reading Through Each Others’ Mind with Peppered Thoughts!!!

So this is how the story begins! There were 4 scribblers who were kind of nut cases, you may say that, decided to meet one fine morning for a lavish breakfast!

They decided for a long time,over around 100 messages where and when to meet. Finally, the place was decided, the date was frozen and the wait begin!

They’ve been friends since quite sometime now but they had never met together like this, so obviously they all were excited to see each other!

The D-Day came and and and they met! They laughed, giggled, spoke about motherhood, children, societal pressures, boys and girls, hogged on nice stuff at Star Bucks and indulged in double chocolate!

It indeed was a great great pleasure for them and they decided to do this often, as often they can! After all, you become friends with virtual world bloggers very seldom ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S. This was the crux of our meeting, me , Nuttie, RM and Pepperย met last Sunday! It was great fun, no doubts about it! It was like old times, it never felt we all are meeting for the first time, I know I know this sounds like so cliched but can’t help it since it is true and that’s exactly how we felt! No awkward moments, no silences, no thought of what to talk and no thinking before speaking or pretending, just being ourselves and enjoying the rendezvous, the lavish Sunday morning breakfast ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

P.P.S The brat, our very famous brat came along to the meet and what a pleasure it was to meet her again! She’s a doll, a very intelligent, bubbly and fun loving doll! So adorable!

P.P.P.S I had the privilege to meet the Nuttie junior!!! My darling hero for whom I’ve fallen since he was in mamma’s tummy ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve a strong connection with him since that time, so you can imagine how I feel about him being around ๐Ÿ™‚ I was impressed, my heart skipped a beat and I fell in love with him all over again !!!!ย 

P.P.P.P.S. all these girlies are great company to have! Beautiful, Intelligent and Warm souls! God bless them all!!ย 

P.P.P.P.P.S. We tried hard to pull in Saga and DI into this rendezvous but we failed ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and we missed these girls so so much, I wish they could’ve made it! But I’m not losing hope, meeting all of you will be for next time ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

Hail Blogging ! Hail Blogger Friends !!!!!

Excited Like A Child, I’m!

Things do fall in place, don’t they? You know when someone around me is not happy or feeling low I tend to fall short of words to console and tell the person that should be told at that time. All I end up saying is ‘all will be well and things will fall in place’.

But I often wonder do things really fall in place, on their own? And when things take turn in my own life, I realize that yes, someone up there is appointed to craft your destiny and is constantly steering your life left and right wherever required on the road of your life! *thoda philosophical ho gaya na?*

All I’m saying is I feel it is true that let sometime go by and keep doing your stuff, all that is required to reach wherever you intend to, and thingsย will fall in place.

All this while, remember I was cribbing that even after life being good with a job that I love and people that are dear to me at work, I still didn’t have time to read books or even the professional stuff? I cribbed and cribbed and never maybe found the solution. But today is the day when my days are cool with all the time that I want in my life for my own self and for whatever I want to make out of that.

Nowadays I get a whole of 3 hours for self, in the morning. I drop Chirpy at school at 8.30 and come back home and read, write and sometimes take a short nap too ;). Pick her up from school, drop her at home and then off to office. Though having time in the morning doesn’t helpย my long hours at office but I’m happy, in someway I’m having time at hand and that’s what matters right now.

So, yes things do fall in place and I’m glad they did. I know all this was anyway going to happen when Chirpy had to switch to the ‘big’ school but that time I never thought about the time system categorically and now that it has dawned upon me, it has brought happiness ๐Ÿ™‚

See, so I’m even writing a post now, in the morning, and I might even read some blogs here and there and then read my HR stuff and also my book….ah, am I sounding like a child by any chance? so be it ๐Ÿ˜‰

How are you doing? Anything in your life fell place recently? Did you feel excited like a child then?

No Matter What….

Howsoever I record things here, I keep realizing the same things over a period of time with a new experience and it makes it mandatory for me to record it here once more ๐Ÿ™‚

-No matter what, I must buy books, they bring happiness with them!

-No matter what, I must read, that brings sanity to me!

-No matter what, I must spend time with daughter, that brings out the mother in me!

-No matter what, I must hug the husband everyday, that brings love to me!

-No matter what, I must keep writing things here, it brings me thoughtfulness!

-No matter what, I must cook once a week, it makes me feel fresh!

-No matter what, I must get the pedicure done once a month, i feel pampered!

-No matter what, I must play with Chirpy like a child, it keeps the child in me alive!

-No matter what, I must continue singing, it makes me look at life with a perspective!

-No matter what, I must connect to my friends regularly, they connect me to my roots, my past!

The Journey!

Finally something is going to happen which I have never thought of or done before.

Finally I’m going on that path which has never been crafted for me.

Finally the day has come when I’ll begin the journey to reach the hills and know the devils ๐Ÿ˜‰ *just to match the rhyme ๐Ÿ™‚ *

So, most of you might be knowing this already maybe but hear it out again from me: I’m going on a beeeg bloggers’ trip to hills! We are in totality 14 people and what fun we are going to have, you can not even imagine *evil smile*

All credits to our very own Hitchy!!!! Right from planning to bringing people together to coordinating for dates, to bookings to maintaining those 100+ chain mails.. he has been the hero of it all ๐Ÿ™‚

So watch this space for the details!!