‘The Better Man’-Anita Nair

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 Anita Nair

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Main Plot

The story revolves round the main character Mukundan’s life, personality, weaknesses and how he deals with newly acquired fame and importance. Based in fictitious village KAIKURUSSI, Kerala, the novel talks about the power of relationships, healing and how a person’s childhood follows him/her even in the later phases of life.

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Tone of writing

Nice but sometimes gets complicated
My take on the book

Do I recommend the book?

I’ll categorize it as ‘not a must read’ but I’m not rejecting this as well.

Reasons Being

> It is deep, thoughtful and showcases a person’s life whose childhood has been tormenting him.>It is about priorities in one’s life, priorities of relationships and one’s importance in society. It is about what a person wants from himself and life!

>The language is great otherwise but sometimes it gets too much complicated with over usage of metaphors like “walked in the belly of the house” or a “cascading the universe of ice cream” etc. metaphors do sound good but if they are used on every other page, they become boring, just my take!

>If you have read Anita’s “Ladies Coupe” then you might not like this one so much. Though I did not dislike this book but I’m sure I would recommend it so much.

>It also gets a little slow in unfolding the story. Some places I also felt that a lot of description of situations could have scrapped out, making it a little short.

>Generally, it happens that when a book gets lengthy or boring I put it away, but this was a little different. I finished it to the T though it took me 3 months !

>Something about the story makes you read it further but not without thinking that “could it not be a little simple and short”


’31 A thriller’-Upendra Namburi

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About the book
Author Upendra Namburi
Picture of the Author  
ISBN 9789381626757
Price [INR] Price not mentioned on the book
Pages 372
Main Plot The story revolves around a banker-Ravi Shashtri who is the Regional Head Marketing, South India at Imperial Bank. Due to a global crisis in the bank, the India business also feels the currents. The top layer of the company becomes unstable, there are exits and entries and this exerts pressure on Ravi and his targets shoot up. He is caught in the dilemma of taking rough decisions just to make his job secure. So much turbulence in his professional life creates issues in his personal life which ironically results in corporate ‘9-5 fling’ adding more ripples to his personal life. The novel is an interesting account of turn of events in Ravi’s life in the span of 31 days of the month of March.
No. of Characters 1 main lead
Tone of writing Simple, Slang-ish and Overboard at some places
My take on the book
Do I recommend the book? Not really
The reasons being >It is a typical account of a senior banking professional and how he deals with the pressures of personal and professional life.

>Had it not been termed as a ‘thriller’, it would still have made through because by no means is it a thriller but the word is added to the name of the book as a tag and it raises expectations.

>While reading you don’t feel there is something new to read about, especially for the readers who are corporate professionals.

>There are places where it feels the slangs are pushed in the language, to make it polished and flashy but actually it sounds pretty artificial.

>Slangs like “he slit my balls” etc in a taunting ironic tone are used to colourise the storyline which I felt were not necessary at all places.

>Exaggeration of the corporate pressures is done to the hilt. For example: if one’s wife undergoes an abortion, do you think one still would not go to attend the wife because there are deadlines to attend?

>There comes a point where you start feeling that entire world’s stress is put on our Mr. Banker and he is solely responsible for handling it just like it is portrayed in today’s saas-bahu serials where in the bahu is always made to face some or the other challenge thrown at her by the saas.

On the other hand >It is light, quick and flow-y.

>Good for a time pass travel novel.

>It shows a dramatic picture of the corporate world and its pressures to people who are yet to step in or don’t belong to the corporate world.

>It also tells you about how the corporate world functions when hit by retrenchment, how one is put in a spot to make quick decisions and how one feels when job security is shaky.

>A quick glance at the professionals’ life and his inability to strike the balance between work and personal life.

>A good read for the ones who want to read a no brainer story.

‘The Kite Runner’-Khaled Hosseini

About the book


 Khaled Hosseini

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263/- [Flipkart]



Main Plot

With a backdrop of Taliban ruled Afganistan, the story is set up in Kabul and partly in America, of two little boys-one a royal Pashtun blood-Amir and the other a mere HazaraHassan.The story is of their lives, their friendship, separation, guilt, truths and secrets.The story goes to tell you how one coward decision darkens the future, how one lie erects boundaries, how distances crush relationships, how love never loses faith, how life becomes cheap, how killing a human being under the name of religion and God’s wish becomes passion, how one’s caste becomes one’s reason of death…how just one step towards the truth brings in courage and makes one a guilt free human being!

No. of Characters

2 main leads

Tone of writing

Flowing, Simple and Capturing.
My take on the book

Do I recommend the book?

Yes, very much.

The reasons I liked the book

>It has honest expressions, simplicity and the words carry the fearless truth.

>The story reaches you; you can feel it pumping in your heart all the while.

>It is that kind of a book which will remain with you forever; no matter how heart-breaking it is, it will always be close to your heart.

>Every time you will keep down the book, for a break, you will feel the urge to pick it up again and reach the end; however, honestly at some places I felt the story should not unfold, felt that I don’t want to know what happens next, I don’t want to miss a beat again-all this because you become the part of the story. You feel the pain, the pinch and at the end, the hope too!

On the other hand

>It is sad, shattering and shakes you from within.

‘Last Man in Tower’-Book Review

About the book


 Arvind Adiga

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Main Plot

The plot is about Vishram Society, a housing society at Mumbai’s Vakola area. The story takes you through the lives of the middle class residents, their dreams, desires and how the greedy demons residing in their skins come alive when a builder gives them an offer of huge sum in return of vacating their flats so that he can ‘develop’ the land.‘Last man’ here refers to one of the residents of the society, who is an old retired teacher, fondly called as Masterjee, living alone and fighting alone for his ‘right to be free‘.

No. of Characters

7 leads

Tone of writing is

Straight and sarcastic.
My take on the book

Do I recommend the book?

Yes, very much.

The reasons I liked the book

>Set up in Mumbai, it talks fluently about the city and its dirty secrets, the desires that are so strongly mixed in its air that people cannot help but breathe it in and feel greedy.

>It very neatly shows the various colours of human nature. The strength of relationships melting by the moment and money taking over all the emotions and empathy.

>The story kind of grows on you, gets in your blood and starts flowing within you. You want to know more of Masterjee’s struggle and his bravery of sticking to his principles.

>You for once feel like getting into the story and iron out all odds, for Masterjee and stand by him.

>It makes you ask question like ‘how easy it is to overcome the guilt of robbing someone of his trust?’;‘Is it wrong to stick to your principles?’ ; ‘Is there no law and order?’ ; ‘Can everything be bought by money? People, love, friendships, self respect, everything?

>It is a sleek story narrated in a simple fashion where in the reader will feel empathetic towards the protagonist, will feel the pressure of power acting up on the middle class fragility, will be able to read the cunning mind of that builder and above all the reader would feel the story of a common man coming to life.

>The author’s hold on language is the trump card of the book.

On the other hand

>The story takes a little time to kick start. You’ve to give at least initial few pages of patience to get the grip of the plot.

>The ones who don’t live in Mumbai or don’t know the city even at the surface level might feel a little out of place but then this is not a  reason at all to not pick this book!!

Pricking Silence

Something is missing…all is in place but still something is missing and telling me that a place is vacant..for someone..somewhere..is it you ? I’m not sure..but I’m missing you..very much..I did not take your call because I was missing you too much to talk to you..to hear your voice..I would have cried then..hence I avoided your call..

No,there is nothing to worry..everything is alright..but yet a piece of puzzle seems to be missing..which one is it? Unsure..I guess it happens in life sometime or the other..yeah..it happens..and It will be alright soon..I know !

But right now it’s tough for me..I’m unable to sleep..to think..what should I do ? where do I go ? Will you help me ?

सांस लेना  भी  कैसी  आदत  है
जिए  जाना  भी  क्या  रवायत  है
जिए  जाते  हैं , जिए  जाते  हैं
आदतें  भी  अजीब  होती  हैं

I sometimes feel that I’m too much dependent on your fantasy world..I must exit.But somehow I love this dependence..I love being tamed by your fantasies and my desires…
She said this to him….He was silent….he knew the time had come…he sat there looking at the setting sun…calm..quiet….she waited for him to say something…silence has never been so pricking!
* The above couplet is form the movie ‘Ijaazat’….

Weight of the past

She held that tiny piece of paper close to her heart not knowing what to do with it,even this time. The paper has been with her since long time now and she could not manage to part with it. But she knew,deep in her heart,that she should depart…not only from that paper but,the feelings,the memories.

Why was it so difficult to stay away from memories? Why was is not possible to erase them like we delete some file from our computers or phones? She wondered…why was life so complicated?

With all these thoughts crossing her mind she kept that tiny paper back in it’s place,in the inside pocket of her purse,where no one could find it. One look in the mirror and she was ready to leave with Keshav,they were going to have a cozy dinner,after a long time.

Radhika kept wondering about the paper every time she opened her purse. She told herself that she had to do this,it was important for her,for Keshav,for their marriage.

She decided to speak to Alok & clear it out. She picked up the phone but on second thoughts did not dial the number. She wandered in her thoughts again.Why was it required to talk to Alok now? He is any way happily busy in his life and doesn’t need to talk to her anymore. He has been practical in his approach and has moved on.Yes.She needs to move on too.

She looked at the silver photo frame that nested their wedding photograph-smiles and happiness was dribbling. It took her no time to take out that chit from her purse and trash it into tiny pieces…

She suddenly started feeling light. All memories of Alok and her relationship from the past vanished. She was only living in present now,with Keshav. She realized all this while she was running away from her today,which is no less beautiful than her past. She felt weightless…lighter…happier and firm! Today she realized that all this while she was unnecessarily carrying so much weight of her past in the form of that tiny chit which said ‘I love you Radhika’

Love sometimes becomes a bounding for us..it becomes difficult to let go when it is most needed. But just one step towards it and we feel like a free bird. Life becomes simpler but human heart loves complications though the mind doesn’t! It’s always between the mind and heart that we get stuck. 

She and Him-Hope

Something has happened…Some change has taken place.

New beginnings are vaguely visible and new hopes are being built.

I can see you smile through this and there are no traces of guilt…

But there is still a long long way to go before we reach upto the hilt…

I know you’re going to be there with me and hold my hand to never leave it

We’re going to do this together..today I’ve no fears to commit !!

She and Him-Taking the chance!

Before I leave this world I want to tell you the truth…I want to talk about it in detail…What exactly went in my mind…why it all happened the way it did and why we are what we are today…I want to discuss. I want to spell it out in front of you all this while all that I’ve been talking to self in my heart!

I know it won’t make much sense now, today. I know it might hurt you knowing what went wrong and how then…I know you might not even want to talk to me ever again…but yet I want to talk truth, nothing but the truth!

You may ask why now. There is only one answer to that-I want to feel the relief. I want to lessen the burden which I’m carrying since long. I want to set myself free from the guilt that has been pinching my heart…I want to cry out loud instead of crying behind the doors…I want you to know why it all happened and then there is this tiny hope that it might not occur as a mistake as I’ve been thinking it to be…it might be just the right thing anyone could have done in that place..Or you might just forget and let it go instead of holding grudges against me!

Whatever the end result…I want to take this chance! Yes, I want to!

“A matter of time”

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Basics of the book
Author Shashi Deshpande
Picture of the Author
ISBN 0-14-026390-X
Price [INR] 250/-
Pages 246
Story Line/Main Plot Family matters and Relationships
No. of Characters Main leads-A couple and their 3 daughters
Tone of writing Expressive
My take on the book
The books is for >People who love dark stories with complicated twists.
Reasons being >A plot where in there is emphasis on relationships.

>Fine balance of tone and placement of words-super hold on English, like always.

>An interesting read where in the reader is made to ponder as to why the husband leaves the wife in the middle of their long relationship and another husband hasn’t spoken to his wife in last 35 years.

On the other hand >Honestly I’m a big fan of Shashi’s writing but somehow this book didn’t create the same magic as the other 4 did.

>May be this kind of complicated stuff is not for me or I didn’t do justice to the reading this time.

Page added :)

Isn’t it a good feeling to re-read what you have written or kept away long back? Be it your diary or blog posts or greeting cards you received or even reading the old books. So today I did precisely that- clicked upon my old posts and whoa I realized that it’s been a long long while since I wrote some fictional stories and poems.

An idea popped up in the mind to make a separate page for this section which is termed as ‘Stories and Poems Corner’. You can see it in the right corner of the blog!

To the old readers-there is nothing new in there yet but I promise I’ll try to come up with something nice for you to read soon if not sooner 😉

To the new ones-till the time I’m munching on a plot to put up in my fictional story, bring in that huge cappuccino mug and sit across at the screen and read all that is there in the new section. I’m sure you’ll enjoy if not totally go crazy about my writing: D [weekend fodder for you ;)]