Maine Pyar Kiya, literally!

The movie, Maine Pyar Kiya has been epic for me. It was released in the year 1989.. when I was not even 10 !

But this movie has a stuck with me for years and years now. I happened to watch it in my summer holidays and somehow the time was such that I got to watch it literally for 32 times in those holidays and then after I watched it again whenever it was featured on television, till date. I can’t explain what I liked about it or I can’t even tell if I love that move or not, cause for the records, I’m no fan of Sallu Bhai or the heroine-who was it? Oh Bhagyashree!

But the very fact that I watched it so many times and even today I watch it, mostly always, it becomes a movie to be discussed about. The dialogues are so much sunk in my brain cells that I can recite them line by line even when the movie is not relayed! I know all the pauses, all the punches and all the words of the dialogues. And they keep coming back to me at various moment in my life, sometimes with reasons and other times without reasons!

Just today when I was cooking, the scene where Alok Nath return from Dubai to fetch her daughter back, came to my mind. And instantly I said the dialogue (in my head!) “Daam chukaunga main tere five star hotel ka, jahan tune meri beti ko rakkha, use khilaya, use pilaya! Bol, kya hai yaha ke lodging charges, boarding charges…dus hazaar, 20 hazaar, 50 hazaar bol kishen kumar choudhary bol

Hahaha, its really really funny ya! Now you see there’s no connection in cooking and the movie, but I still get dialogue spasms from MPK 😀

By the way I have to tell you that those 32 times were a sneak peak because obviously watching movie and that too constant re-runs in that time and age was not allowed 🙂 We had that video tape at my nani‘s place which I played and replayed conspiring with my cousins! Bachpan Fun that was 🙂

This proves that I’m a movie buff from the younger stage of my life 🙂 Only difference is now I don’t have to sneak 😉

What’s your bachpan movie ? Any silly stuff that you did like this?

That Ugly Moment

I’ve been in love with you for 15 years now! Long time, yes it is. And the love only grows stronger with every passing year. Beyond love, its the habitat that we’ve created together, that I cannot imagine living away from. I think its not only us, its with normally all the couples, who spend longer time in the relationship, they tend to get so so used to each other that even a moment’s silence is a killer!

We have love between us, we have patience, we have understanding and we crack stupid jokes to only laugh hard on them ourselves. We’ve our silly days, we have our mushy days and then how can we skip having our rough days? After all these rough days only complete the relationship, right?

But obviously, I hate these moments between us. However, far and apart they are, I dislike them. That being said, and at the risk of being tagged as mean wifey 😉 I’ve to say that these ugly moments actually end up in we making up hard for the lost precious ones 🙂 we are back with much love and care, we resolve quickly because within few hours we realize that this is disastrous-not talking to each other is so not cool! Normally, its you who comes down to me, although you don’t say sorry and all that, but you do try to normalize things and I like my own self try to show off my attitude as if I don’t care types and ultimately we end up laughing at this silly drama 🙂

So we just had one such ugly moment yesterday and boy, it was bad, rough! Yesterday from the magnitude of it all looked like we are at least not going to talk to each other for 1 week! Whaat? Did someone just say 1 week? ha! Today we’re off for a moive together and back to talking, we are jokers, I tell you 🙂 We don’t know how to even fight and survive it 🙂

What’s your fight story? I’m sure you guys do fight, right? Everyone does, that’s the spice of life (cliched yet true) !!!!!!

4/30 Letters : Letter to My Sibling

Dear N,

Today I will tell you something that I’ve never ever told you all these years. You might hate me for this or just laugh it out, but whatever your reaction, I would take it !

When I was small, and you were not born then, I was the most cherished child in the family, being the first in every sect of the big family set and subset on mamma’s side. I felt awesome and top of the world, of course not knowing these words/expressions then 😉 . I was the only one, and was attended like a princess. I was the toy of our uncles and aunts, I was the apple of granparents’ eyes… I was… you get the drift right? So yes I was special and felt that every moment of my life!

Then I started seeing my friends having siblings sisters. Slowly I realized I was the only one without a sibling a sister and I started longing for you, my sibling (could have been a sister sibling). I didn’t know our parents were expecting already, and that you were shortly going to come into our lives.

Cut to the day when you were born. This day is crystal clear in my memory, till date and it will always remain, I know! Papa came to pick me from school, Aai was not there at home and Nani wasn’t there too (she had just came couple of days ago to visit us, so I thought, but she came for bringing you in!) Papa was in hurry, since he had come from office, just to feed me, change my clothes and take me to the hospital to meet you!

I was told while getting ready that I’ve a little brother now which we are going to see and then he’ll come home. I looked at Papa in “horror” like literally! A brother? Was papa sure, ha, I wondered! I confirmed and yes it was you, a baby boy, my brother, which I never wanted! I wanted a sister, to show off to my friends like they did theirs! I thought having a brother was not cool, he could not be your best friend, he could not dress like you he was not the one, basically, huh!

I fretted over it, did a little drama, cried, shouted that I don’t want to see you, I don’t want you to come home etc etc! Papa was getting late, since he had to drop me at hospital and go back to office! Finally after coaxing me softly, he shouted at me! Tada! That was the second trigger for me to create more drama… I said papa shouted on me because now you have come, ha!

How naive I was then, just a little girl, you know I don’t mean all that I did and said for you then, right? I honestly wanted a little sister for me and it all began from there. But slowly when we started growing up together, I realized it doesn’t matter if it is a brother or a sister, all that matters first is you have a sibling 🙂 and I’m glad I have you!

Sibling is the best gift parents give to their children, I truly believe in this and good lord we have each other 🙂

On a side note, having a sister has its own perks no? which I missed with you 😉 😉 ok ok, I agree brothers are the best, ok? 😀

While I write this, not a very brotherly-sisterly song, but this is what I’ve on my mind!



Chirpy-ness 4

Yesterday night’s conversation:

Me to Chirpy: He is my Husband
Chirpy : No way! He is my husband!!!!
Me: Areh, he is your deda, he is my husband and I’m his wife!
Chirpy: huh, I’m his wife, he is my husband!!! *stomping foot*
Me: Okay,so who is my husband then????? *feeling shocked*
Chirpy: Go out and find him, he is lost! *walks away*

Of course I’m left with nothing, maybe a good reason to find another husband 😉 lol

Finding Chirpy

Today when I went to pick Chirpy at 11.30, I was afraid, scared and my heart beat faster than I had ever imagined. Chirpy was not to be seen in the line of students children at the gate! *gasp*

I checked with the teacher who was manning the line, she was confused too to not spot Chirpy in the line. I felt angry, why the teacher does not know about her students’ whereabouts? That too a little girl…grrrrrr

So the hustle bustle was set, two teachers ran in two directions to find my daughter. I felt lost and speechless too. I also went in one direction around the school campus… didn’t know where exactly should I look for! My mind raced through several action points.Call her dad. Call police station.Shout at the principal left right & centre. Call my parents and sob. Oh, call office and inform I’m not coming, for don’t know how many days. Call.Call.Call. Oh God, where is Chirpy!

All these action points almost got acted upon in my thoughts in those 2 mins! Then lord Ganesha showered his blessings on my boss, chirpy’s grandparents, her dad, her teachers and the principal…….Chirpy was found !!!!!!

Madam Moselle was dancing, as if there was no tomorrow, on the first floor with the K.G. kids, Lo!!!! And poor teachers, went crazy finding her… although it was their fault too at the first place, to not know where the child was! They have to have an hawk’s eye on all children, right?

And secondly, my brat is a brat only, I know. So I told her too that she is not supposed to go here and there without asking / at least telling her teacher. That’s a good practice good kids follow, to be safe 🙂 I hope she’ll remember this and will follow…

BTW upon asking her why did she go to the first floor all by her own, Chirpy said ‘I heard music, I wanted to dance, why was I called down? I want to dance more’ !!!!!!

I thought I had to wait for a couple of weeks or a months’ time to start writing ‘these’ type of posts here about Chirpy’s adventures at ‘big’ school, but boy! I was underestimating my girl! Today was the 3rd day in school and she has started her naughty acts already.

P.S. By the way did you also notice the mother in me is the same mother in you too? 🙂 the same racing of thoughts, the same tension, the same fast forward movie in those 2 mins? 🙂 🙂 🙂 Mothers!!!!!!!!!


A little late,,,,,,

I’ve been seeing this ‘Photo A Day’ mania doing rounds the blog world and I’ve was tempted couple of times to take part in it but since I’m hard pressed for time I did not feel taking it up, in fear of leaving it in the middle…

But today I could not stop myself from starting it… I know it is from the middle and I might not even complete it to the T, but I still wanna do it 🙂

So, here it is my today’s photo of the day:

Prompt: Something Funny



A few days back Chirpy pointed at the tiny dot at my forehead and gestured in a question.I told her it is used to adorn forehead and is called as Bindi..

A day before I was applying nail color. Chirpy pointing to the nail color bottle says “Binni”. I tell her no it is a nail polish. She insisted “binni”. This continued for a while, on seeing that her Aai is not getting her point, she pointed her finger to her forehead and said “binni” then pointed her finger to her nails and said “binni”.

My reaction? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We talk to Chirpy in 3 languages-Marathi,Hindi and English. Now for the little while pearlies she has been hearing the words Daat from her Daddy and Teeth from her Aai.

Today, at the cuddly morning time, we three were playing. I generally asked her pointing to my eyes, nose, ears,hair…as in what are these. Then me and Husby pointed to the teeth at the same time…

Chirpy for a moment was silent. Looked at both of us and then said Daat Teeth !!!!!


Chillar Party-Looking Back 5

This is about the time when we friends were in high school. We decided that we’ll now go to theaters for watching movie alone-like without parents or any elder-all on our own! Fortunately, our parents agreed,eureka moment that! We chose ‘Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman‘ 🙂 given the SRK mania had just begun to play on our young minds….[thank god it washed away soon after,sowwy SRK fans :P]

So, the story goes like this:

We reach the theater.Check

Stand in the ticket booking line. Check

Ask for three tickets for the said movie.Check

Get inside the theater well in time. Check

Find our seats.Check

The movie starts playing and we are enjoying both-the movie and the fact that only we 3 friends managed on our own to this point.Check

Suddenly there is hooting, whistling, shouting, dancing and spelling some words which sounded Latin. No Check !!!!

Then everything goes silent and people are found sitting in their seats. Check

Again the circus repeats on this song. This time people also threw some chillar at the screen. No Check !!!!!!!

We felt pretty awkward,felt out of place,scared and disliked everything that was happening around.No Check!!!!!

Apparently it turned out that we booked ourselves for the dress circle,or stalls as they popularly ‘were’ called, and not the balcony class in the theater 😛 Our parents had a good laugh though they cautioned us for the next time.

When today I look back at this incident, I feel:

  • We were lucky to have returned safe and non-molested.
  • That such chillar throwing crowd every time is not that bad!
  • We did learn the lesson our own way.
  • Old time theaters had balconies which are no more now 😦
  • How we fell in love with the wrong screen person…pst SRK!
  • How songs even like Kehti Hai Dil Ki Lagi were tagged taboo and adult #comparingwithtodayssongs.
  • The tickets were priced so low!
  • To laugh once again thinking how naive we were 😀


Scene 1:

On our way back home from a friend’s place.Chirpy sitting all quiet and sad in the car.

Me to C: It’s okay baby. Don’t feel sad. We’ll go there again. We’ve to go back to our home.

C: *still quiet*

Me to C: Aww baby *hugging her*.We can visit them again. We’ll go there soon, okay?

C to Me: *finger on her lips* Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

hmmpf talk about toddler-hood?
Scene 2:
Chirpy has started saying something like ‘asshi’,’assheee’. Just yesterday she said “Asshessh” !!
Startled Daddy: Chirpy, what? Ashish? Who is that? Chirpy, you HAVE to tell me who this guy is!!!!!!
Chirpy: *gives a very innocent look to her daddy, shrugs her shoulders and starts walking across* asheesh, asssssheeeesh, assshessh!!!

talk about being a daddy to a girl!


Serious Stuff Of Yesterday Appears Funny Today :)

What a funny thing I came across in my drafts 🙂 lol…read and you’ll know why I’m calling it funny now 😀

Blogging is fun for sure BUT there are other things too!

I know this post might not mean anything to me after a few days. This post might not make any sense to me even after few hours from now. But I’ve to do this and write all that is on my mind since a few days.

  1. I want to curtail my Internet time-blog time to be specific.
  2. I want to get in a routine-for myself.
  3. I want to do stuff for my own good-like reading.
  4. I want to be me-a me from earlier times.

And only root cause of the above listed problems is-blogging. Because that is what I do when I’m not tending to Chirpy or doing the house chores. Honestly speaking, this blogging eats up all my time and strength. Whatever time I get to spend with my own self,either I’m writing posts or commenting on other blogs. This is addictive and I’m addicted!

Having so much time on hands has added fuel to my addiction. I have no control on self when it comes to spending time on the reader.

My book reading has gone down drastically. And books as in not only fiction novels that I mention here but the professional books and journals that I’ve subscribed to. The HR blog is very royally neglected since last year. As if HR has started making no sense to me in any which way!

I feel like a sinner,in truer sense. I feel like a stupid person who can’t seem to have control on her own addiction!

Addiction-that’s the word! The moment Chirpy is sleeping or playing with her grandma all I’ve on my mind is to open up WP and Google reader!

I’ve to stop this. I’ve to regain my sanity. I’ve to be particular about how much time I spend on what. I’ve a growing child at home who looks up to me for learning things. She might only remember me sitting at the computer fiddling with the keys and glued to the screen all the time! I want to break this.

Blogging sure is fun and you gain knowledge too while in the process but then excess of anything is not good for anyone’s health.

I’ve to take that one step…yes towards sanity…towards being human and not a counterpart to the machine and I MUST DO IT!