R for Reading


Reading is something that came to me naturally. Those of who know me now, think I’ve been like this forever, an avid reader. Those of who know me from my childhood, can vouch that I was never ever inclined towards books for reading per say. So then how come these two impressions of the same person ?

In school, we had this designated ‘library period’ where in we were to read book/s in the library and also get one issued to read at home. God only knows how I felt in that one hour… It was like a torture for me to spend midst the books! On the other hand my friends really enjoyed that period and they drowned in the books of their choice. I always used to wonder what pleasure do they exactly get out of reading something? For me watching stories was a better choice or even better was to play games like kabbaddi, gend tadi, lagori and the likes.

By the way, I come from a family where my (maternal) grand parents are read-o-holics. They are people of Reader’s Digest, Daphne De Maurier, Jane Asuten etc. you can imagine the kind of books that we have at home (their home!).

Having such legendary readers in the family, I still never picked up reading. My parents too read a lot. But it never came to me or should I say they never passed it on to me? 😉

So this ‘I don’t like reading’ continued the early school days. Not that I pledged I’ll never read or this is not my cup of tea. But I never gave it a thought is very appropriate. My parents never pressurized me too. That said, I did read comic editions like Chacha Chourdhary, Pinki, Billu, Channi Chachi etc. But not books, novels!

Then came this day, I was in 10th (I think so or 9th (?)!) something inside me pushed me to pick the novel that was kept at my father’s side table. I don’t know how but I just picked it up and started reading and to everyone’s amazement I kept on reading it without having felt the need of keeping the book down. Surprisingly, I finished the book and was zapped! Zapped at something that had just happened. I had read a book, non stop!

That was some experience! I still remember to have felt so so good to have read a book. It felt like I’ve been brought in the world of normals from the world where people were missing something really really beautiful!

The book that I read was Sydney Sheldon’s. I got hooked to his writing. And not only that I got hooked to the idea of reading, to have books around you, to get immersed in them and roam the world without traveling a bit! It was a fantastic feeling. My reading journey started and that was the moment I had realized why my grand parents have a library at home, whereas earlier I thought libraries are supposed to be at schools!

I start borrowing books from my grand parents and they were more than happy to lend me their prized collection! Just to add here, till date from all their grand children, I’m the only one who is a read-o-holic now, not like them maybe, but kind of them 🙂 And they take so much pride in it, they tell my siblings and cousins to start reading be like Didi (me!)

Since then, I started collecting my own books, with a dream to have my own library at home too. And today, I’ve one however smaller it is, but it is there and growing!

So reading came late to me but it came naturally, without anyone really telling me to pick the book! I was never lectured of the benefits of reading or how books could be my best friends et al. I see lot of parents do this to coax their kids to love books! I think book loving really has to come naturally. One can only introduce books and to inculcate the reading habit, assist and be present with the kids. But beyond that, nothing more! If a child has to love it, it will anyhow.

Reading not only got me books but this reading habit got me to blogging too and today I’ve so many lovely blogs at my fingertips to read. My travels became more interesting with at least one book in the back pack. My waits in long queues or at restaurants became manageable for I had a book in my hand. I stopped feeling alone while I was using public transport to commute in Mumbai. Staying at home and let parents attend a relatives’ relative’s wedding was a boon 🙂

I’m happy I read, I feel proud to be a reader 🙂


Kya Padha Hai,Kya Padh Rahe Hain, Kya Padhenge

Took this from Smitha’s blog today morning. A tag, an easy tag and that too about books 🙂

This tag comes from Shouldbereading’s blog which is a weekly Wednesday tag about reading!

Although I should have done this tag on my books blog, but nevertheless, I just started writing here, so!

These are the Question I need to answer here:

-What are you currently reading?
-What did you recently finish reading?
-What do you think you’ll read next?

Ans1: I’m currently reading two books: 


Ans2: I recently finished reading and reviewed on my books blog here.




Ans3: Next I want to pick up 



It is on my mind since long but somehow am not able to pick it up, started reading 1st part a month back but could not continue beyond 15 pages so stopped. I want to restart!




Excited Like A Child, I’m!

Things do fall in place, don’t they? You know when someone around me is not happy or feeling low I tend to fall short of words to console and tell the person that should be told at that time. All I end up saying is ‘all will be well and things will fall in place’.

But I often wonder do things really fall in place, on their own? And when things take turn in my own life, I realize that yes, someone up there is appointed to craft your destiny and is constantly steering your life left and right wherever required on the road of your life! *thoda philosophical ho gaya na?*

All I’m saying is I feel it is true that let sometime go by and keep doing your stuff, all that is required to reach wherever you intend to, and things will fall in place.

All this while, remember I was cribbing that even after life being good with a job that I love and people that are dear to me at work, I still didn’t have time to read books or even the professional stuff? I cribbed and cribbed and never maybe found the solution. But today is the day when my days are cool with all the time that I want in my life for my own self and for whatever I want to make out of that.

Nowadays I get a whole of 3 hours for self, in the morning. I drop Chirpy at school at 8.30 and come back home and read, write and sometimes take a short nap too ;). Pick her up from school, drop her at home and then off to office. Though having time in the morning doesn’t help my long hours at office but I’m happy, in someway I’m having time at hand and that’s what matters right now.

So, yes things do fall in place and I’m glad they did. I know all this was anyway going to happen when Chirpy had to switch to the ‘big’ school but that time I never thought about the time system categorically and now that it has dawned upon me, it has brought happiness 🙂

See, so I’m even writing a post now, in the morning, and I might even read some blogs here and there and then read my HR stuff and also my book….ah, am I sounding like a child by any chance? so be it 😉

How are you doing? Anything in your life fell place recently? Did you feel excited like a child then?

Woh 9 din!

What do you do when you get a 9 long days break from work? From that same old routine?

For me, this (temp) transition from being a manager to only being a mom, a wife and one own self is not only refreshing but a welcome break that I was looking forward to for so long!

No, we are not taking any vacation anywhere(BTW, thanks to Husby’s work schedule, huh 😦 ). I just wanted to en-cash my time with my daughter and my own self. I want to read, shop, laze around and play with Chirpy. I want to cook for husband and I want to just do nothing at the strike of the clock 🙂

This Holi and Rangpanchmi holidays are so strategically placed between two weekends that I could not resist but take 3 days leave to make it a 9 long days break 🙂

And today is just 4th day of those 9 days… I dropped Chirpy to school in the morning, went to a coffee shop, bought myself a nice frappe and read some blogs…went to the book store did some insane shopping and went back to pick up Chirpy at school 🙂 Life looks beautiful, is making sense again and I feel alive!

I know this routine today is making me happy and right now at this moment am wanting to make this as my permanent life, but the moment I jump out of my work-a-wagon I’ll be bored to death to not have a routine in place and just eating, and dropping-picking Chirpy from school and just being a mom would not help me as an individual, yeah I’m a confused soul, in that sense,on earth!

Anyway, returning to my happy happy post 🙂 I’ve got 3 books in my (overflowing) kitty and I sure want to share the titles with you here… I mostly buy books based on my gut, the author and last but not the least appealing cover… tell me what you think of these book covers here?

So in these 9 days I’m going to go crazy being lazy 🙂 What’d you do if you get a beeg break like this with no particular thing to do on your list? How would you utilize your 9 days? C’mon tell me tell me 🙂


Return of Sanity

No, this is no forthcoming sequel or a prequel (well, ‘returns’ can’t be a prequel, can it?). This is me, Scribby talking about her sanity returning back to her and how!

How would you feel when you would realize the fact that you’ve not read a book in 1 whole year? NO BOOK AT ALL? Feeling astonished, sad, insane for yourself? I felt just the same and more. I felt I’ve stopped being what I used to be, the earlier me and all that symptoms, you know what I mean?

That said, if I love reading so much, how could I not read a single book in 12 months? Not digestible, is it? I agree with you, so much so that, I questioned my love for reading, my ability of prioritizing things in my life and my intelligence to make right choices! I discussed with friends, most of them said it is okay and it happens. My inner self felt better by these coming from friends, feeling I’m not doing something very wrong that I felt I was doing, you get me?

Again, that said (I know I’ve been using “that said” frequently, but I like it!) I stopped questioning my intentions and love for reading and picked a book. JUST PICKED IT UP!!! No thinking no sulking, just started reading and voila! I read a book in a week’s time and this with the same job, same super active toddler in tow, same husband and same deadlines! I did finish a book in a week’s time and that’s what matters to me today!

I realized, (as if this is a major find of the century in mankind, huh!) that instead of sulking and mulling over something it is better to just get going, it works, it really does!

The best part was, even when I was not reading, it didn’t help me refrain from buying books, sigh! That madness remains, buying books, feeling superb about it and touching those fresh pages of the books that must have been printed in some city by some man who does this for earning and maybe has no intention to pause and see what he is doing for so many readers out there!

If at all anyone is reading me on this page, I mean if I still have some readers left that is, I’ve posted a book review on my book reviews blog. The below link will take you there, so go click 🙂

Latest Book Review : March 2014

‘My Lawfully Wedded Husband’-Madhulika Liddle

This review is a part of the Book Reviews Program at  BlogAdda.com.

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About the book


 Madhulika Liddle

Picture of the Author




Price [INR]




Main Plot

The book is a collection of 12 short stories. ‘My lawfully Wedded Husband’ being one of the titles.

No. of Characters


Tone of writing

Simple & Easy.
My take on the book

Do I recommend the book?

Not Really. Actually it depends to whom I have to recommend the book to. If it is someone who has recently started reading, I might as well give my nod to the book.


> It is a book which turned out to be simple, straight and light.

> Stories have twists which surprises the reader at some places, but most of the times it is average.

> A one time, to-be-read-while on journey type of a book.

> This book doesn’t throw its weight around; it is an easy read with not much hullabaloo in it.

> A total desi book and that is something which will connect the Indian readers to it.

> One can relate to the characters carved in the stories, well mostly, like Veera’s character where in his mother keeps telling him to be polite and succumbing all the time OR that of a girl  from ‘A tale of a summer vacation’ who visits her grandmother.

> If you have read other serious books or the books you would like to tag as serious writing, like not in literal terms as dark fiction or something, but in a way serious writing, you would feel this one doesn’t suit your category.

> Honestly, I was expecting a little more from what the book is yielding.

> This book is really good for starters, the new readers who have just stepped in the world of reading or the ones who don’t know where to start reading from.

> This book will also be a help when any reader is not sure which book to pick up next.

> Read it with no expectations and maybe you’ll love it.

> I’m not saying that this book is not good but I certainly don’t ‘recommend’ it per say. If you are a multiple / short story lover, then this is a perfect read for you. If you are long story lover and want some substantial reading to be done, this book would prove a wrong choice.

> This book is from the author who wrote The Muzaffar Jang Series. I’ve not yet read this series but have heard about it and by the name of it also, the series sounds intriguing.

> If you have read and liked TMJ series, you might as well like this book of Madhulika.

> All in all an ‘okay’ category book about which I would not rave but then it is my own view. You must take a look at the book before you make an opinion about it, really!

>No book is good or bad, only the suitability of the reader differs. For this one, I’m not the suitable reader, I must say that J

I too tried my hands…

…at spine poetry… got this idea form Swar and it clicked instantly! I decided I’ll give it a try this weekend and see I’m here with my attempt at Spine Poetry 🙂

The Fountain Head, The Rainmaker,The Storyteller,The Street Lawyer (and) The Kite Runner (all in the) Ladies Coupe!!
The Fountain Head, The Rainmaker,The Storyteller,The Street Lawyer (and) The Kite Runner (all in the) Playground!!
The Secret Birthright (of) The Piano Teacher (is) The Algebra of Infinite Justice!
The Betsy (and) Sad Cypress (both) Married But Available!
A Thousand Splendid Suns (,) That Long Silence (only) Words Can Describe!
Last Man in Tower To Kill A Mockingbird; (the) Winner Stands Alone!!!
Brida, The Storyteller (is) My favorite Wife!
The Hour Before Dawn, Are You Afraid of The Dark? (well) Only Time Will Tell!
Have a Little Faith, Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight!
Moving On, In The Country of Deceit, Where Shadows Lie!!

Honestly tell me, how did it sound? Which one did you like the best? I totally enjoyed making spine poetry, have you tried yet?

Read-o-Meter 2012

I had listed these books for reading this year, eventually could only read 13!

I want to thanks to BlogAdda for adding to my reading list, I got few very nice books from via their Book Review Program and I’m looking forward to receive more 🙂

So 2013 dawns upon me with new reading challenge. I don’t know if challenge is the right word to it or maybe challenge is the word I should use because that keeps me on track in terms of reading, given the way I’m pressed for time these days, I can only wish I could read at least 5 books this new year, sigh!!!!

Any way, but this year I’m not making any list of books. I’ll just set a target of 15 books and read them! Hoping to reach to the number by the end of 2013!

What’s up with you?How was your 2012 in terms of reading?

I want the dust off my soul!

As much I want to read with speed and regularity,the time and mostly the energy is not permitting me now :(. The new phase of life has drowned me in and I’ve lost to it’s whirlpool. I hate to admit that I’m loosing my reading time and no matter how strongly I decide or promise myself, I cannot bring self to read on weekends. Something or the other comes up or I become plain lazy and sleep round the clock as if I’ve been zombied, if that’s the word!

Any way, but I’ve to get a grip. I’ve to get back to reading. When I don’t read, I feel something is amiss in life. Right now, from outer, if you look at my life, it is quiet perfect-a lovely job, good pay, a loving and supporting family and an awesome daughter to come home to…so what’s wrong you say?

Why am I creating so much of hue and cry about not being able to read those mere bunch of pages bound together to be called books?

Before I reply to the above question, I’m, taken back to the good old days-when a book was finished in one straight night,when books were the primary things that danced on mind while shopping,when book reviews was an interesting activity,when I didn’t think even once before applying to review books,when ‘which book should be the next’ was a regular question on my mind…..

You get the idea right? Now I’m sure you won’t ask me the above question again,or would you?

Well, all I can say is I might not tag myself as a voracious reader per say but I’m a reader and I love books.

  • I can’t live without that feeling of books around me.
  • While listing the specifics of renovation,first thing that me and Husby had in mind was a space for a cozy in-house library,the area is already imagined and the walls painted and the bean bags placed.
  • I want my daughter to love books-yes you can call it as an expectation in a truer sense.
  • We introduced her to book when she was 4 months young [got the idea from Smithu],today she has her own library of 15 books at 17 months of age.
  • I feel proud when she opens up pages and mumbles something as if reading.
  • I secretly love the stare people give me when I mention that we buy books for our little girl-all I like to think is that they don’t know the magic of books ;).
  • On a weekend I prefer to laze around with Chirpy and be in bed to read.
  • I go tsk tsk when I see kids of age 3,4-7,8 and even teenagers drowned in TV instead of playing or reading. I get judgmental and pity their parents.

So, all for love of books and reading, I’m promising myself to read regularly on weekends ..there is nothing called ‘no time’ or ‘less time’ in the world and I remember Smita’s post,ahem a premium blogger’s post on blogadda, about that extra time and I agree with her.

If you love something,you’ll do it anyway!So, I promise myself to not make excuses but just read 🙂

How true is that!