I’m Writing those 30 Letters!

I think this is the best way to come back to blogging… to the world I owe and has so much connection with…

I’m signing up with this 30 days challenge, but to be honest I might not be writing every single day but I shall complete this challenge and would write all these 30 letters, because I want to!

I have this gut feeling that I’m going to experience an emotional tide through this exercise and I think I need that, to take somethings out of my system via words and to relive some memories and precious relationships.. I think this is something I need to do, to look withing the person I’m!

I would want you to be with me, to walk with me through these 30 letters and make them special in every which way!




Spilling Randomness!

When the heart is heavy, even a little smile works…

When you look within, even a little spot disturbs…

When it hurts, even the tiniest tears are visible in the rain…

When you love, even the deepest wound gets healed…

When you hit your lows, even the best of things look ugly…

When the going gets tough, even the good intentions get doubted…

When you love yourself, even the ugliest things look pretty…

When it is dark, even the tiniest star shines bright…

When you have faith, even the roughest patch looks smooth…

When one has to write, even the no-idea-what-exactly-to-write thought fades away 🙂 🙂 🙂


Goli Marr !

Goli as in exact translation of ‘bullet’. Yeah that’s what this post is going to be, a bullet-ed one!

  • I had been away since a long time from this blog world-I just have one thing to say: I miss you guys very much!
  • Work is growing on me, tough times ahead, seems like next 3 months,at least, are going to be heavy on my head!
  • I’ve made a very good friend,at work, going against my principle ‘no friends at work place’….yeah heart wins over the head…something like that!
  • Have been neglecting reading. No, I won’t say I’ve no time or so…maybe I’m just not putting right efforts to plan my reading 😦
  • Had been to Pune,office trip. Had a great time meeting the employees there, as an HR, and once again knowing that HR has some magical power in the role. People look up to you with hope and expectations. They want you around and if you’re great in your job then you’re a hero for them! Did I not say that I love my domain?
  • Was away for 2 days and 2 nights,in Pune, away from my baby !!!!! I missed her but I loved the “me time” that I got…cynically double minded I’m 😉
  • Met a school friend in Pune and boy was that a great great fun!
  • Missed meeting Jas of ‘Going beyond the pages’...she contacted me but I messed up…all my fault 😦 but promise I’ll not make the same mistake the next time I’m there, okay Jessie? 🙂
  • I’ve to read a lot of posts that my reader is haunting and I’ll read them all, yes, the hungry reader that I’m, I’ll manage 🙂
  • Today I’m on leave,a full day! Yeah once again this month, but this time it is need basis and not on impulse or emotions 🙂 MIL not being around for next 2-3 days I had to baby sit Chirpy and boy this is so good 🙂
  • Blog friends always amaze me. Despite the fact that I’ve been into this for almost 6 yeas now, have made lot of great friends good for life, and I’ve always known that there are gems of people around, but still every single time someone remembers me with love, I’m touched and I shed a tear or two!! Thanks a lot R’s MomPysch Babbler and Comfy to remember my b’day and wishing me…I’m yet to reply to your wonderful messages!
  • Adding to the blogging pleasures, I have to show you something 🙂 I received this from IMC..ain’t it super cool ? Just for my teeny weeny contribution they sent me this, team IMC, you rock girls!
IMC Gift Mug
  • Okay so pretty much everything is covered that was going my life since a few days…hope to come back with a post next time! I’m coming over to your place to check what’s up at your end 🙂

Assembling Nighttime Thoughts-3

When the night comes,after the half night,one thief comes out on the black road,this voice comes…..thief,thief…thief,thief….


If you haven’t got the meaning [pun] yet then you are advised to read the above lines once more 😀

Lot of things going on in my mind right at this moment,which has resulted in this night time mixer blender post.

  1. We watched ‘Cocktail‘ tonight,well it’s 3 am in the night [or early morning?] so that makes it yesterday night. The movie is okay. I mean no new story but Deepika and Saif  made me like it. It has a thick shadow of  ‘Love Aaj Kal‘ dialogues’ and some places you feel ‘have heard this before!’. Boman Irani is wasted,me thinks. But I still liked the movie!!! If you are thinking why I’m not saying anything about Diana Penty,well that’s the whole point-I’m not mentioning her!
  2. While clearing the blog posts backlog and replying to comments,if songs like ‘Tu Mile’, ‘Woh Pehli Barr’, ‘Saathiya Yeh tune Kya Kiya’…. are playing in the background,it becomes a perfect environment to make it a night out,like what exactly I did,hence this post at this ungodly [?] hour 🙂 Currently the song that’s playing on YouTube is ‘Dil ne kahan chupke se…’
  3. I’ve made the choice. I’ve chosen what best fits my personal life and also that really really suits my professional graph.I’ve picked up a job.Yes,yes,yes! That’s what the confusion was all about. I had two options in hand and had to make a tough choice. Sometimes life acts funny. All this while I was waiting for things to click and then I have not one but 2 options,games luck plays 🙂
  4. Since the moment I’ve heard the Guwahati molestation case I’m disturbed. I’ve also read lot of blog posts about it. The enraged bloggers have voiced their opinions,their anger. I’ve commented on couple of the posts expressing what I feel. At the end of it all I felt of writing a post on it myself but then something inside me discarded the idea. Blogging is kind of vent for me and I don’t want the anger in me to fizzle out even an ounce.I don’t just want to write a mere post. I want this fury inside me to stay still and strong. I want to feel enraged and do something about it. I want to act.Just that I don’t know what and how. If there is something to be done,I’m all for it. I’ll join hands and do all that is in my capacity,just tell me what to do and how to go about it!
  5. I start work tomorrow,i.e. Monday. I’m all excited, charged up and a little apprehensive. Leaving Chirpy for longer time and every day is something I have never done. Though when I was applying for jobs,I knew this would come and I was [supposedly] prepared for this but now that it has really dawned upon me,I’m a little clueless. Lot of thoughts clouding my thoughts. Motherhood,right? 🙂 Yet I know time will pass,things will move on and we all will be fine. I also know that if at all things don’t work the way I see them then I always have a choice to leave everything and sit back! That gives hope to my heart and rest to my mind!
  6. I have to do the review of the book sent by Blogadda- The Taj Conspiracy and I hate to admit that I’m delayed in finishing the book this time. Guilty as charged! Though there is no deemed excuse but I still want to say that a lot has being served on my plate as on today and I’ve to really prioritize wisely. Life has suddenly become hectic and this new job will add fuel to it. Oh and if I’ve not already mentioned, I’ve enrolled for M.A. Psychology from this session,yes this will make yours truly a double post graduate,ahem. My course starts next week and first assignment has to be submitted by the end of Aug #welcometotheworldofawesomechaos !!!! No, I’m not scared even a bit. I’m glad I’m getting busier after about 3 years now. But you know what?? I thought of this blog and my lovely blogger friends..I’ve no clue how I’m going to stay around #talkaboutattachmentandblogmadness !!!!
  7. I feel no shame to admit that for this ‘second inning’,I’m behaving like a school girl, running around buying new things like-lunch box, diary, pens and shopping for new wardrobe. I feel like ‘back to school’ where in every session it was new notebooks, new labels,new pencil box and new school bag 🙂
  8. I have a problem with people who don’t save the numbers,on time/because of laziness. I doubt them when they throw this ‘I’ve changed/lost my phone..who is this?’ I mean how come every single person around the globe looses the phone or buys a new one constantly? Does it not sound fishy? May be I’m giving it too much of a thought!
  9. Somehow ending this post on ‘only’ 8 points is something I’m not liking. I want it to end in a round number. Hey see, I just made another point out of this 😀
  10. And for the last 5 minutes I literally stared at the screen to think what else could come in this post,making it a 10 pointer, and my mind smartly ditched me by not offering any thing worth writing 😦 So,technically this post has only 8 points,unless you count the last two as ‘enjoyable’/ ‘creative’. Also I’m not sure how many of you have actually read all 10 points cause mostly I’ve noticed people just skim through the surface and comment in the same manner 😉 uhhu uhhu!

How many of you got the first line of this post right? 🙂

Generally Speaking

I call it a mixer-blender post, you may call it ‘bullet pointer’ post. There are lot of things to say at the same time,so this M&B format helps a lot 🙂

  1. We’ve taught Chirpy to eat with spoon,though it’s just the dry food that we are experimenting with right now.I love her victorious expressions when she is able to take that bite by herself.
  2. People around us still fret on we leaving Chirpy to sleep alone by closing the door behind us. They think this is cruel.
  3. I’ve started a routine for my own-eating routine that is. Hoping to stick to it and achieve what I intend to.Of course you’ve guessed that, I know.
  4. I’ve glamorized my HR blog a bit just so I feel attracted to pay some attention to that poor thing too.
  5. My domestic help has started behaving a little erratically. She has been with us for 6 years now.We never had to ‘tell’ her anything about her work but lately she appears to be lagging in the system.
  6. We are thinking of having a second child. Well,not sometime soon but right now it is about deciding whether we want another or no.
  7. In a latest interview that I appeared for-the interviewer asked me for my hobbies. On hearing that I blog he gave me a big smile and said I like that.
  8. Husby is getting super busy these days which of course irks me a little.
  9. I’ve watched so many movies that I think I can’t distinguish between a good and a crap movie!
  10. There seems to be lot of travel again on cards. This year is turning out to be a travel year for me and Chirpy!
  11. Just came across this mommy site and I’m liking it there.

My life today, in pointers

@ I think I’ve come to know the plot of the current book that I’m reading…my brain is putting 2+2 together..let’s see if that’s what the actual plot is because I’m a long long way to go…it’s about 400 pages and I’m not even a 100 yet,sigh!

@ I think the universe is conspiring against me loosing on weight! huh…whatever I seem to start doing phases out as soon as possible..and no I’m not talking about my enthusiasm or dedication here,before that can happen something or the other takes place in such a way that my fitness routine breaks mid way,punctures down! These dance classes that I started off with have complete one month off this December 😦 Now how fair is that? I just started on my regime and one month break? Are you kidding me? huh!

@I’ve graduated to the next level of cooking. I mean I’m coming from the stage where stepping into the kitchen was a big no no for me and then I started cooking basic things and from that level on I started to adore the entire process of cooking and today is the day when I totally love to cook. When I say graduated to the next level I mean that I’ve started experimenting on my own, using my common sense and some trick of the earlier tried recipes,referring to the recipes on the Internet and food shows and now a days presenting a full house plate- typically films/serials type 4 katori thali 😀

@Okay this one’s a bit embarrassing yet funny. But wait a minute aren’t almost all embarrassing things funny indeed? Any way, so I cut my hair. Yes I did. No but this is not the first time hat I’ve done this to self 🙂 in fact this was the second time…but what’s funny about it is that this time my judgement of length went berserk and I did extra cutting on my bangs which now are looking weird on my face 😆 But any way this is now a thing of past…kind of,cause this was last month and now the hair have considerably grown which are not looking that bad 🙂

@Sometimes life runs at such a fast pace that I seem to loose track of things happening. I mean there are things that happen in a jiffy and then the mind forgets recording them which later I realize that oh it was important to remember but now I’m not able to recall…you know what I mean?

Still thinking of a title for this one!

So now I can say it’s 4 smiles,2 good mornings and 1 Hi in the class. Not bad for 4 weeks into being a student,again!

The class is fun and it’s refreshing me every single day. When I return, it’s a fresh new day ahead of me and I’m so energetic.I’m loving it and the people around me are noticing the change and happy about it. DC is especially happy cause he has been worried about me getting into the cycle of i’m-not-good-for-anything-and-wasting-my-time-on-earth bouts! Which was getting quiet frequent in past few days. I’ve been out of work for 2 years now and motherhood though has brought so much to my life it still cannot fill that empty spot which was created by being jobless.

So,getting up early and having a routine for self in the morning is helping me bring myself back to the normalcy state. I’m a peoples’ person in and out and being at home all the time and sticking around to just handful of people and doing the same chores every day has become monotonous for me. And also there is no end to this,as of now,cause I don’t have a hope to hang on to-that this is a finite break from work and that after this or this month I’ll be back to racking my brains!

But even after going to a class for physical and mental fitness I still know that the feeling exists in my heart somewhere that be it anything,at the end of the day I’m a full time mom and a home-maker! No,I’m not regretting being a full time mom but the fact that Chirpy also needs a break from me leaves me wondering when would I get a break from this routine!

Speaking of Chirpy! She is already growing into an individual it seems and till now I’ve noticed some characteristic of her -she doesn’t like to be tamed around,she wants to be on her own-now that she has realized that there is more to do than just lying around in crib/in the chair. She is an explorer.She is adamant. She wants to be in command.She can’t take ‘no’ for anything. All this at this stage when she is merely 7 months young!

I know all babies might be the same at this stage and that there is still more to come and get added to the personality but I can see all this now and the sense of a mother is usually not wrong is what I’ve heard and experienced too most of the times! I feel she is going to be very logical. She will demand answers to lot of questions that are unattended till date. She is not going to let go of things easily unless she is convinced that she must!

Quiet an independent personality traits these. But of course there are changes going to take place in her going forward and I know I might come back and read this few months from now and shake my head in disbelief that I judged my daughter at this early stage! She might turn out to be something entirely different than I’m thinking right now,may be! But as of today she is this…this one sure shot independent person who demands,nags and is playful all the time and doesn’t want to sleep unless she wants to !

Okay so I started with something about my classes and about self and ended talking about the girl in my kitty 🙂 that’s what motherhood is,isn’t it?

Coming week is going to be very hectic for us because of the upcoming travel. And this being little girlie’s first travel I’m excited and hyper,both not-so-good-for-health states 🙂 I’m worried that she might be cranky though the airtime is just about an hour’s but still,you never know…last time when I was travelling from Mumbai to home..there were 3 kids in the flight approx 1 year,6 months and 3 months of ages. The entire flight went by quiet and it was surprising that three kids in the plane and none made a noise or became cranky…I was all the time thinking about our travel next week and was smiling that everything will go well with chirpy too…just then the 1 year old started crying for something-just at the time of landing and she became so cranky that she started howling loudly and listening to her form no where the other two kids started crying too and it was like a cry in unison for rest of the 20 mins till we all got out of the flight! *shudder* and then again I started thinking about our travel of next week ! I hope things don’t go out of control !!

I’ve been calling friends for tips to keep the baby in good shape in the flight…yeah I can make small things appear so big….but all the friends that I spoke to have given some important tips to take care of infant in the flight and I feel well equipped to start the journey now 🙂


A quick “Hi” followed by an immediate “Bye”

life has been super busy past two weeks and I’ve so much on my plate right at this moment that I can’t add writing a post to it..but still I’m making mental notes of all that I’ve to write and record here and hopefully that shall get posted soon!

In short right now I’m a busy mom with a 5 month young baby in the kitty,Ganesh Utsav at home,Cooking and catering to the husband like a dutiful bhartiya naari 😉 and planning for umpteen b’day parties for family..I don’t know if this is ironical or no but right it seems so ! There are 6 birthdays falling in this month,not counted mine though ;), in my family-both sides and on all days we all come together and celebrate each and every b’day in a grand manner…so you know what’s happening at my end right now 🙂

I’ve to read so many of your posts and I’m dying to get back to full swing blogging…though I’ve cleared some of the backlogs today,thanks to the MIL 🙂 All this while she wasn’t here so I was the one and only care taker of the baby and the house and my poor husband who is any way a low maintenance cell on earth 😉

I’ve also managed to reply to,I think all,the comments which were lying like that without my attention but please to note that if I’m not replying doesn’t mean I don’t heart them..oh I lurve comments to the core so keep them coming 😉

Okay,so far I’m alive and very much doing fine,if at all you were wondering that is ! I’ll be reaching to your blog pretty soon and will do some posts other than WWs [which are pre-scheduled so don’t have to do much every Wednesday,see how clever I’m :)]

Hope you are doing good and happy in your life 🙂 Stay good and cheerful and I’ll be back soon..with more chirpy tales and lot of updates from Scribby land… ciya !

Lot of things

God does answer you prayers…you need to just pray hard and believe in Him..you also need to be careful what you’re praying for,cause you never know!

Suddenly life is hustling bustling with tonnes of activities other than usual and it’s occupying my mind-good and bad both cause brain is occupied and the planning that needs to be done is not for some good events that is 😦

I’ve learnt the same lesson yet again-the hard way of course. When a thought occurs to your mind,Just do it. Procrastinating or too much planning might cause your heart skip a beat and will load it with scoops of regret!

I’ve never been this dicey in my life that I’m being today. One moment I’m sure about something the next moment I’m so wary of the same thing. I need to get hold of it,anyhow.

Chirpy is growing up too fast..she has started holding her bottle herself and she has to do it on her own.She pushes our hands away if we try to help-hm. self sufficient baby in making? She also growls and shouts when she needs something to get done.No amount of cajoling,rocking or talking mellows her down. When she wants something she is sure she’ll get it! Sigh!!!!

Moog Usal with diced raw onion tastes yum and with it if you drink Litchee Juice 🙂 Well I’m having it all right now while writing this post 😉

I’ve few errands to run which I’ve been keeping on back burner 😦 I’ve become lazy…VERY lazy !

I’ve to cook a lot of lunch tomorrow and I’m so looking forward to it..it’s been a while that I stepped into the kitchen for cooking lot of food and all by myself 🙂 I’m super excited..made the menu,list of things to buy and now will be on way to the market 🙂

Having said that I remember I considered buying veggies as a pretty boring task . I never accompanied my parents to the sabji market…it used to really really put me off..but now I realize that I’ve started enjoying it..I consider it as a nice evening activity on a walk 🙂 especially if the husband is accompanying me 🙂

Had Dinshaws Ice cream last week and it tasted yumilicious…all these years I had switched to top and town and our loca famous brand Monica Galaxy. 

A confession to make: I started this post with something else in mind…if you read the first point you’ll know what I’m saying but ended up lining other not so very important things in a row…why? Don’t know myself…but any way all I wanted to say was god listens to us,so we need to be careful of what we wish and trust is the only thing that can carry us through tough times, difficult times in life ! Just hang on !


Yeh Akkha India Janta Hai….

So watched ‘WYR’ after much waiting and all that adduce about it. As usual was very excited about the movie and had booked the tickets in advance. Put the message status on FB etc. 😉 Well, so the time comes that we enter the theater and occupy our cosy and comfy PVR chairs.

The movie is okay ! That’s what I can say, in a nut shell.
The entire movie is made for and of Piggie Chops.And to not disappoint us she has done a great great job throughout. Not a single moment we felt that she is slipping out of her character. She’s really done well and got herself into all the 12 types of girls aptly.Direction is okay.The topic interesting and the star-cast fine.

Now something about ‘not so very good things’ about the 4 hours torture. Yeah, the movie stretches entire 4 hours and few minutes on top of that.The obvious reason:There are 12 songs for all the rashees-which were totally avoidable by the director but I guess he has picked up this habit of long movies from Lagaan time,hence injected these songs to stretch the length !Lagaan and Jodha Akbar made some meaning out of the long hours ! In this one, people were actually moving out of the hall the moment the songs started…and finally post intermission most of them literally went away..left the movie in the middle of it..people did not have stamina to go and take up few more songs thrown by the screen ! Even for a while me and hubby were tempted with this idea of moving on…but guess I had to write this review ! 😉 So we continued and tested our patience to the fullest !Harmaan..Umm.. was okay. Not bad,not good. I mean you won’t notice him since you will notice PC so much !

Ufff ! So the movie ends after the wait and we exit the screen. Post that while driving back home me and hubby somehow got going on the songs of 1990s. Like…

‘Tum lakh chupao pyar magar duniya ko pata chal jayega….’

‘Chehra kya dekhte ho..dil mein utar kar dekho na..’

‘Kaun ho tum jo dil mein samaye jaate ho…’

‘Yeh Akkha India janta hai hum tumpe marta..dil kya cheez hai janam apni jaan tere naam karta hai….’

And it was such sweet-romantic drive back home 🙂 *mushy mushy..all singing and smiling :)* They say alls well that ends well.. and I think after ‘this’ end I’m much happier !!!

Go people,If you haven’t watched the movie yet..watch it for Priyanka Chopra !

P.S.-Titaxy,Thanks so much for asking ! Alls fine sweetie 🙂 Hugs !

P.P.S- Solilo: If you have already checked out the movie you will know why the Capricorn girl has been shown as ‘no-parlor-visits’ types. Ya ?