PIKU : A Mold Breaker

PIKU a movie which I think is a must watch for everyone. It is a kind of movie which you really want to see and enjoy. The concepts are far more better than regular commercial movies. That said, I’m not denying the fact that commercial movies should not be made or are useless. But let’s get this straight, those movies are stereotypical and for entertainment only. Movies like PIKU are food for thought, they get inside your head and make you think and above all entertain you simultaneously and when it ends you still are light headed and not burdened with the concepts shown in. I think that’s a package worth spending your precious money in watching a movie in multiplex!

It is evident that I’m in love with this movie. The characters did 100% justice to their roles and the director has given them space to perform, to be them!

Some things are worth mentioning here : Apart from the entire movie and the concept, the best part was when Piku says “my father has prepared me that much, for me to handle all alone” loved this ending to a fabulous story which otherwise would have been spoilt if the end was something else.

The whole concept of the movie was women liberation, independence, her choices and her own space. I loved the way Bhashkor Banerjee kept saying “a woman marrying without purpose is low IQ”. “She is not made to cook and clean for the husband and be available for sex”. The father himself advocating for an independent life for his daughter is kind of breaking the mold big time in a society like ours, where father (& mother) are the first one’s to think (read: forced to think) that daughters are burden on them and should be married off asap!

Rana Choudhary, another classic character that this movie produced. He fell for Piku but did not force his feelings on her even after knowing that she is very much reciprocating. As a typical Indian mentality male he could have coaxed her, saying she can’t handle her life all alone and they should get married. Instead, he kept things stress free, open and let the relationship be. I think to take this stand and sticking to it is very important in a relationship and is rarely seen being done by a man!

PIKU is a fresh breath of air for our culture. It is a mold breaker and not a film who’s agenda is to entertain only! Certainly a must watch !

Life of Pi, Belief of everyone!

When you look into the Tiger’s eyes, your own emotions reflect!

Watched ‘Life of Pi’ yesterday night and was left thinking yet again…thinking on the lines of my own belief of God, religion…

Coming to God, I trust there is a power that binds our universe and no one can deny that fact. Adding more to it, I don’t know how to define religion per say. I don’t quiet recognize the word in literal sense. So, I never try to go that side. All I know is God,or some such power, exists. With umpteen number of Gods in Hindu religion itself, it is difficult to really say which one do I trust in. So to make that easy for my own convenience I’ve chosen one name and face,from so many names and faces taught to me from childhood, and have kept that constant. That helps me stay away from confusion and concentrate on believing in the divine power, that is popularly called as God!

Like the movie “Oh My God” , I too believe that it is more important to be a ‘God Loving’ human being than being a ‘God Fearing’ one.Difference between both the terms is of a very thin line of logic, of belief. But that thin line difference only creates a huge difference in our lives, that’s what is to be understood!

Coming back to the movie “Life of Pi”: I loved the movie, for several reasons, some of which are listed below:

~ 3D visuals

~ Suraj Sharma

~The Bengal Tiger

~ Concept

~ Cinematography

~ Acting [especially Tabu’s: with so little to say she delivered a lot with her silent expressions]

~ Minimum characters

~ The flow

~ The summation of the movie: God, Human relationships & Survival Needs

Why I said some of which are listed below cause there are things that I felt after watching the movie that could not be put in words. One has to watch the movie or maybe I’m not the right person who can verbalize the experience!

Quoting James Cameron from Zee News Website: “`Life of Pi` breaks the paradigm that 3-D has to be some big, action fantasy spectacle, superhero movie. The movie is visually amazing, inventive, and it works on you in ways you’re not really aware of. It takes you on a journey, and unless you’ve read the book — which I hadn’t — you have no idea where that journey is going. It does what good 3-D is supposed to do, which is, it allows you to forget you’re watching a 3-D movie.”

I’ve heard that the book is far better than the movie, yet the movie has it’s own pluses, which can’t be ignored.

Digression: While on this I always feel that a movie based on a book should not be compared to the original piece of work. I mean a book of 300 odd pages or so can’t be summarized in any which way in 120 mins or so, or can it? So the movie has it’s own flare and the book it’s own. The book is just the base rest is all visual and audio form of the director’s creativity of the book! That said, there are movies which have not done justice to the basic plot of the book as well, but then there are always exceptions,right?

Any how, the line that got stuck to my mind after those 120 mins is :

“Life is letting go on the whole but no good byes at the end hurt a lot”

This has a deeper meaning to it, if you really look deep! Or maybe it hit me at the right spot cause I believe in the same ideology:  no good byes,which I term as untidy closures, are far way painful than anything else!

An finally,it says,truth and nothing but the truth :God is what you want to believe in!!!!

Assembling Nighttime Thoughts-3

When the night comes,after the half night,one thief comes out on the black road,this voice comes…..thief,thief…thief,thief….


If you haven’t got the meaning [pun] yet then you are advised to read the above lines once more 😀

Lot of things going on in my mind right at this moment,which has resulted in this night time mixer blender post.

  1. We watched ‘Cocktail‘ tonight,well it’s 3 am in the night [or early morning?] so that makes it yesterday night. The movie is okay. I mean no new story but Deepika and Saif  made me like it. It has a thick shadow of  ‘Love Aaj Kal‘ dialogues’ and some places you feel ‘have heard this before!’. Boman Irani is wasted,me thinks. But I still liked the movie!!! If you are thinking why I’m not saying anything about Diana Penty,well that’s the whole point-I’m not mentioning her!
  2. While clearing the blog posts backlog and replying to comments,if songs like ‘Tu Mile’, ‘Woh Pehli Barr’, ‘Saathiya Yeh tune Kya Kiya’…. are playing in the background,it becomes a perfect environment to make it a night out,like what exactly I did,hence this post at this ungodly [?] hour 🙂 Currently the song that’s playing on YouTube is ‘Dil ne kahan chupke se…’
  3. I’ve made the choice. I’ve chosen what best fits my personal life and also that really really suits my professional graph.I’ve picked up a job.Yes,yes,yes! That’s what the confusion was all about. I had two options in hand and had to make a tough choice. Sometimes life acts funny. All this while I was waiting for things to click and then I have not one but 2 options,games luck plays 🙂
  4. Since the moment I’ve heard the Guwahati molestation case I’m disturbed. I’ve also read lot of blog posts about it. The enraged bloggers have voiced their opinions,their anger. I’ve commented on couple of the posts expressing what I feel. At the end of it all I felt of writing a post on it myself but then something inside me discarded the idea. Blogging is kind of vent for me and I don’t want the anger in me to fizzle out even an ounce.I don’t just want to write a mere post. I want this fury inside me to stay still and strong. I want to feel enraged and do something about it. I want to act.Just that I don’t know what and how. If there is something to be done,I’m all for it. I’ll join hands and do all that is in my capacity,just tell me what to do and how to go about it!
  5. I start work tomorrow,i.e. Monday. I’m all excited, charged up and a little apprehensive. Leaving Chirpy for longer time and every day is something I have never done. Though when I was applying for jobs,I knew this would come and I was [supposedly] prepared for this but now that it has really dawned upon me,I’m a little clueless. Lot of thoughts clouding my thoughts. Motherhood,right? 🙂 Yet I know time will pass,things will move on and we all will be fine. I also know that if at all things don’t work the way I see them then I always have a choice to leave everything and sit back! That gives hope to my heart and rest to my mind!
  6. I have to do the review of the book sent by Blogadda- The Taj Conspiracy and I hate to admit that I’m delayed in finishing the book this time. Guilty as charged! Though there is no deemed excuse but I still want to say that a lot has being served on my plate as on today and I’ve to really prioritize wisely. Life has suddenly become hectic and this new job will add fuel to it. Oh and if I’ve not already mentioned, I’ve enrolled for M.A. Psychology from this session,yes this will make yours truly a double post graduate,ahem. My course starts next week and first assignment has to be submitted by the end of Aug #welcometotheworldofawesomechaos !!!! No, I’m not scared even a bit. I’m glad I’m getting busier after about 3 years now. But you know what?? I thought of this blog and my lovely blogger friends..I’ve no clue how I’m going to stay around #talkaboutattachmentandblogmadness !!!!
  7. I feel no shame to admit that for this ‘second inning’,I’m behaving like a school girl, running around buying new things like-lunch box, diary, pens and shopping for new wardrobe. I feel like ‘back to school’ where in every session it was new notebooks, new labels,new pencil box and new school bag 🙂
  8. I have a problem with people who don’t save the numbers,on time/because of laziness. I doubt them when they throw this ‘I’ve changed/lost my phone..who is this?’ I mean how come every single person around the globe looses the phone or buys a new one constantly? Does it not sound fishy? May be I’m giving it too much of a thought!
  9. Somehow ending this post on ‘only’ 8 points is something I’m not liking. I want it to end in a round number. Hey see, I just made another point out of this 😀
  10. And for the last 5 minutes I literally stared at the screen to think what else could come in this post,making it a 10 pointer, and my mind smartly ditched me by not offering any thing worth writing 😦 So,technically this post has only 8 points,unless you count the last two as ‘enjoyable’/ ‘creative’. Also I’m not sure how many of you have actually read all 10 points cause mostly I’ve noticed people just skim through the surface and comment in the same manner 😉 uhhu uhhu!

How many of you got the first line of this post right? 🙂

Stuck in my mind….

Some phrases,dialogues,words,stories leave a mark on your being. You’re left with wondering about it for a longer time. These things just stay with you forever. They ring in your ears and you like the sound of it and before you know you start using the phrase/word[s] in your conversations,quiet automatically.

Yesterday I watched this Marathi movie ‘KAS.

The plot is such:

A woman called Aru is going through a case against her of forgery [which is plot against her by an indirect enemy,Neelanjan,a filthy rich guy] He gives her an option to accept and apologize in writing of the fraud. which she refuses to cause it’s against her principles. She decides to fight the case against the man,confident that her husband will be a steady support for her. Which ironically turns out to be wrong. Her husband in fact suggests her to choose the option Neelanjan has offered and finish off the matter,so that nobody’s name will get stained in public and they’ll be free of court case and the entire process. She decides to fight on her own for her self respect and to that her husband threatens her that he’ll divorce her!

Obviously,Aru wins the case and on that note her husband comes back to her saying ‘congratulations,let’s go home’ [how cheap!] She refuses to go with him and tells him that the divorce papers are ready and he is free from her,forever.

In between there is a small role of her college friend,who loves her since then but Aru decides to marry her now husband. While this case is going on he comes across her and on knowing the entire situation that Aru is in at that time,says “Aru,please allow me to protect you!” 

I found it so beautiful. The feelings behind it are well expressed and well versed. One could have directly said: Please marry me or come to me or whatever! But these lines really suited the grim situation where these two meet in.

The entire plot,the dialogues,the expressions and of course the above line has touched me so deep. I loved the movie.Nothing new in the plot,but the way of presentation is lovely and the performances,outstanding!

May be I can never explain,ever,in appropriate words what made me love this line so much. Since I’ve seen this movie I’ve been thinking about this particular line and I know this is going to stay with me…..

Does it not happen to all? Something gets stuck in our minds for no reasons at all or some reason which we can’t put a finger on?

‘Kuch Love Jaisa’-Movie Review

A story which begins with love and hope. Oh hope for the audience that is! The star cast is ‘wow’-I love Rahul Bose,Sumeet Raghavan and Shefali Shah- and direction is not bad either. But what is a problem is the storyline 🙂

Yes the backbone of the movie is injured badly to let it even take few steps at the box office leave alone running the marathon for even a week !

Madhu [Shefali Shah] is a typical UMC housewife with no life of her’s and who considers herself as a wife of an important man,a nanny to her kids,a marriage counsellor to her maid et al.Meaning,yes,no happiness in life,engaged in daily chores and just following the ‘a-good-wife&mother’ norms.

But wait a second before you open that mouth of yours to yawn..one fine day she realises that she is an individual and deserves living life to the fullest,she sets herself on a day out to find that ‘lost’ identity..away from husband,kids and the daily chores !

On way, of course, she meets our Mr.hero Raghav [Rahul Bose]. No,no..wait they don’t fall for each other..nah..not so easily 😉 some exchange of words-okay make that sentences-between them bring them together for the entire day in which they come to know each other ‘kuncham-kuncham’. Yes !! Bingo 🙂 They become friends…

Yeah the husband,Shravan [Sumeet] this side on coming to know that the wife dearest has escaped [well almost] the nest [which he never thought was possible] becomes uneasy and starts trying to locate the wife earnestly to no avail,sigh !

At the end what happens is not what I’m going to tell you here *giggles*. Areh, what if  you want to watch the movie even after me rating it a ‘so-so’ and ‘you can give it a pass’ ??? 😉 😉

Okay now you can yawn 😉 what ??? 😯 not at my post buddhu but at the storyline I meant,huh !

‘Tanu weds Manu’-Movie Review

Watched this movie yesterday to kill the time and killed the time I did with some of my hopes too. But wait a minute what was I expecting from this flick anyway? 😉

Full marks to Madhvan. No biases and all…I really liked his performance.

Kangna? She really needs some lessons in acting and dialect. Someone please help her,will you?

Oh and I loved Jimmy Shergil too. The guy needs another chance people to prove himself…are we on for that?

There is no new story in the movie. I wouldn’t have mind that too actually but then something didn’t just click with the plot to call it as a HIT.

It goes like the usual one- “a simple boy 1 loves the carefree girl but the girl loves tashan-daar boy 2 and then right at the last moment of getting married to the boy 2 she realizes that OMG sheactually is in love with the simple-so-sweet boy 1″

A typical UPian set up movie. A great job done by the director while portraying the UP culture and places and lingoes.

A glimpse of Hum Dill De Chuke Sanam could be noticed in the movie’s baseline.

It’s a DVD watch if you really have to watch otherwise missing it won’t harm you at all.

‘Life Partner’-Movie Review

Me and H were just thinking of going out for a while and roam around the town just like that. Thought of checking a flick may be.. checked the schedule online and zeroed in on ‘Life Partner’. No accolades heard and no media hype about the movie. Still wanted to go and check and we did !

A bit about the movie:
Directed & Written by: Rumi Jaffery
Cast: Govinda,Prachi Desai,Fardeen Khan,Tushar Kapoor,Genelia D’souza and Amrita Rao.

The movie is about marriage-Love and Arranged. It:
  • Is about relationship before and after marriage.
  • Tells you about what happens to a husband-wife relationship in an orthodox family set up.
  • Also showcases the girl friend-boy friend-puppy love-transforming into a husband-wife love and its consequences.
  • Tells you how it is really natural for a husband to support his wife even if he has to go a bit against his family morale and traditions- especially when the wife is correct at her point !
  • Will help you connect to the different angles of the same situation which takes place in our lives as well.
  • Is a fun filled movie. Some jokes and punches here and there could be ignored and the movie is set to rock.

So, if the movie has so many positives then why is not visibly hit ? May be because:

  • It did not manage to share the market with KAMINEY.
  • They did not market it well to reach the audiences and in the right manner.
  • It failed to strike a chord with the audience right from trailer days.
  • To an extent the star cast and the banner is responsible for this invisibility.
  • The songs are not too catchy…actually not catchy !
The actors did well. My ranking goes like this:
  1. Govinda and Prachi
  2. Fardeen Khan
  3. Tushar Kapoor
  4. Amrita Rao
Oh..forgot Genelia… Actually..she is not to be remembered after this one too ! Sorry gurl, but I’m just honest !

But my personal advice. go get a DVD and watch at your home theatre..It will surely do some good to you.. one more thing to remember.. it’s meaningful if you watch it with your husband / wife..and for those who are single.. I still recommend to watch since it will help you prepare your mind for the M word !!!!

After all-love is a dangerous entity and we need advices at every step ! 🙂

‘Love Aajkal’-Movie Review

pic source: BIG Cinemas theatre, Indore
A movie of 2 hours. A good movie of 2 hours.It was so much required after such a slump in the multiplex screening.

Star cast: Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone and Rishi Kapoor. The plot is nice and keeps you glued to your seats. There is no urge to get up and go out and miss the songs in between. Jai (Saifu) and Meera (Deepika) meet like just another couple in all other movies. They fall in love like in other movies. But there is something new which comes to you now. The break-up. Yeah, the couple goes through the break up and is pretty happy about it and celebrate it by organizing break-up party ! Well, since its a movie to go for 2 hours it doesn’t end here. They settle down in their new respective lives and keep in touch through the Internet and smses-Thanks to this era ! 🙂 They meet again and they break up again. For the second time promising each other that this it. And the end of it.Well, they are still in touch just like friends and finally they meet once more at Meera’s wedding. She gets married to Rahul Khanna. But, but my folks. The end is still ahead. The very next day of the wedding Meera realises that she has done a wrong thing to herself,Rahul and Jai. She breaks up with Rahul immediately and settles down alone without informing Jai about since she is afraid and sure that Jai, on knowing this fact that she is no more married to Rahul, will leave his just started dream career and come to her. So she decides to leave it on destiny and waits. Waits till a year. In the meanwhile Jai also realises that he is loosing interest in life and because of Meera. Because he loves her and that she loves him too. That they are marriage prone girlfriend-boyfriend and not just time pass types ! So Jai reaches Meera and they come together forever ! A very general love story but has been presented differently. Rishi Kapoor plays and important role in directing Jai towards the right aim in his love life. In between Rishi Kapoor’s flashback story is played in the form of story narration by Rishi Kapoor to Jai.Listening to which he realises and learns the meaning of love and is able to figure out what he wants. In the end you will be thrilled by the cute surprise that the director has given you. Neetu Kapoor. The Neetu Singh Kapoor ! Yeha, go watch her and I’m sure you will like the way she has been presented to the audience. Overall a nice movie. Some nice jokes have been cracked in between to tickle your funny bone. Some dashing statements made. On top of it Saif Ali Khan’s terminology of Aaam Admi i.e. Mango Man really makes you laugh !!!

And yes the myth that this is just a repeat telecast of JAB WE MET is not at true ! Go Grab !

‘Kambhaqt Ishq’-Movie Review


Kambakht Ishq ! Well, a flick not so boring and not so interesting. It’s a mix of both. It definitely is a no brainer movie. 3 hours you just got to leave your brains aside and watch the flick.

It tells you about a girl-Simrita-Bebo (played by Kareena) and a boy-Viraj Shergil (played by Akshay Kumar) who are so very against of love and of each other as well. As you reach till intermission, they kind of fall in love or you may say that they start falling in love.And as you reach the end,of course, they hug each other as they are made for each other !!!

Akshay Kumar has done it again. The guy has managed to tickle your funny bone once again and that too so very naturally. Kareena has done lot of hard work to stay concentrated on looking sexy and super cool with all the high profile clothes (given that she is a struggling doc, so how did she manage?-hard wok you see!) Kareena’s sister and aunty were not really required but then how could the director bring the movie to the climax of these actors falling in love. So thanks to Dolly Aunty (played by Kirron Kher) to have brought Bebo and Viraj together.

Amrita Arora and Aftaab Shivdasani- Were they really there ? Ha. Well tried to act Amrita, but lucks not on your side guess ! And yeah how can i forget to write that how bluntly Hollywood has been used and bantered time and again. If that is read that way,may be !And our very own Boman Irani-only one question to him-“What were you doing there?”

Overall, an okay to catch flick. Go to watch if you are wanting to see Akshay Kumar. It will be a paisa vasool then ! Otherwise its a no-no.

Dil Chahta Hai…

Yesterday was a typical frenzied day. I reached home around 9ish and i thought i need to see some good flick-given that I’m reading 2 books concurrently and didn’t want to stress my eyes and mind yesterday-so a movie was a must ! Well i have my pet movies on my laptop… but 😦 my laptop is not with me for a while !! So the only option i had was to surf the television. So i crossed my fingers and switched it on. And to my surprise the first movie channel I logged into was playing the titles of the movie DCH. Yeah, DCH ! Our own DCH ! Of course it was the best option for my situation yesterday ! I did not surf other channels and got glued to DCH.

Well, Well ! Dil Chahta Hai is no doubt an amazing movie,for the young janta and for not so young janta. It peps you up and takes you back to your college days, your friendship days-basically to FUN days ! The fledglings who are reading this would definitely agree to what I’m writing. And all others too….

DCH talks about this trio who are buddies to the core. It also tells you what happens when you cross the line in a relationship. Where to put a full stop and where to put commas. It gives you an insight about fun times and where you need to be serious in life.

Well, it really teaches you a lot. Yes, i think all movies teach you something or the other. It depends on how you perceive that flick. For me i saw DCH i think for the 10th time yesterday. It suggested different way to look at the situations presented in the movie. I loved it again yesterday and my evening was made. I thank you Mr. Cable for listening to my secret wish and play the good old movie for me.

I think i should keep secretly wishing every evening and keep my fingers crossed so that Mr.Cable will keep playing good flicks every night !

[pic source: google]