Sweetened Rainbow :)

And so, after reading Smita’s post about Arnav’s b’day and the awesome rainbow cake that she made for him, I was sure I want to try it!

And try I did 🙂 This Independence day I tried my hands at color baking and this is what came out 🙂


Check the easy, eggless, quick, yummy and pretty recipe here 🙂 I didn’t change a bit in the recipe,followed it to the T.

Didn’t I mention how I love this blog world and the awesome bloggers around? I get to read so much as well as get to make and bake lovely things for family 🙂 YAY once again, hail blogging!!!!!

Life’s Good!

Tnx to TGND and RM :)

I tried,I tried and so I tried as decided on reading TGND’s and RM’s post about Spring Dosa and Oatmeal Soup 🙂 and yay MIL,Husby and Chirpy loved it 🙂

Sharing a picture from Saturday Brunch

I must say the recipes are the simplest ones I’ve come across and the outcome tastier 🙂 Go ahead, check the recipes and try them out!

I’ve committed one of those 7 cardinal sins

Which one do you think it is? *guess*

What’s been happening in my kitchen since few days now,ever wondered? oh well!

Now that I’m guilty of ‘gluttony’ let me commit another sin by sharing the pictures….

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The ice cream that you see,yeah up there,in tempting yellow orange color is made from mangoes from the tree in the backyard 🙂

And the pull apart buns that you see in the slide show,yeah up there, in golden brown slurp-y picture,oh well they tasted as yummy as they are looking by the way ;), yeah so they were baked after seeing Deeps and Suranga make it, taking the recipe from Sin-a-mon !!

Are you in state to read up any more info on the other food items in the pics? Eggplant fritters,eh?

*Hmm I guess I must hide now for most of you would be after me to kill for posting food pics in the middle of the week and especially when you are trying to loose weight and/or at work and/or can’t have it right way, yeah? tada :D*

Crisp Fry Okra

As the name suggests this is a crisp deep fried okra with onions. The method can be seen by the pictures below.

It tastes yum. And I’m sure those who don’t heart Okra much,they’ll love this type too.

Scribby’s suggestions:

>Add a little salt and chaat masala to the fried Okra. It will serve as a quick yummy snack. Add a little for those who want a spicier version of the snack.

>You can add length wise slit tomatoes and keep everything else same. This version too tastes good.

Try if you haven’t yet and enjoy 🙂

Yummy and Healthy Breakie

Every time I have to think of making a nice tempting breakfast for Chirpy I think and I think and I think some more. Not that she is a fussy baby or something,at least not yet, knock on the wood! But then the mother in me wants to feed her variety of food which means changing ingredients and tastes and methods of cooking,ya right I’m fussy,you’re right 🙂

Among the ‘lot’ of breakfasts that I keep making for the doll, I love this one very much and incidently my baby loves this dish too…sharing the recipe by pictures..it’s damn easy and I’m sure most of the mums must be making this since long now 🙂

Scribby’s suggestion:

You can add scrambled paneer / egg to it while adding cheese.

After adding cheese just put a lid on the vessel and cook for a minute,don’t stir.Allow it to settle for a while,it will make that cheesy layer on the top.

Eat it plain or add some tomato ketchup.

Adults can eat it with green chili sauce too.

Also feeding fruits with milk is a great idea. Fruit ka fruit and milk ka milk makes it a filling and healthy drink. I made watermelon milk shake today and it turned out yum!

Scribby’s Suggestion:

Drink it as soon as it is taken out of the blender,don’t keep it for long,it becomes frothy and might not look as appealing!

You can make papaya shake in the similar manner.Drink it immediately applies to this one too.

Are you cooking? Is your man home?

H is out of station today,he left early morning. MIL said let’s not cook anything cause there is some bhakri from yesterday’s dinner and she is not very hungry to eat a full meal. So,today I just had to cook for Chirpy which is kind of negligible cooking!

I was thinking on these lines..where I’m kind of happy that I got a cooking break today,but how. Back then when daddy used to go on tours Ma used to cook very little having two little children and herself to eat. I also heard this from lot of other mothers that they had nothing much too cook since my friend’s fathers were on tour.

And today I did the same. So what’s the logic? When the man of the house is not at home or not going to be the part of the meal,then the woman in the house need not cook?

Does that happen at your place too? Why do you think it happens?

A dish by experiment

Some days when I just don’t know what to cook despite of the fridge full of veggies and stuff..happens with you? So this syndrome,by me, is called “have all but no call” syndrome. It hits me once is a while at regular intervals. Day before  yesterday when it hit me I thought to experiment instead of looking for recipes / suggestions on the Internet.

Came up with a dish called,by me,DPSP !! Now what’s this DPSP?? Well, taddda 😀

If at all you want to try it, here is the recipe [ah recipe? as if we are discussing some out of this world professional cooking ;)]:

Ingredients Required

1/2 cup shredded paneer 2-3 medium sized boiled potatoes-Diced
2-3 medium sized tomatoes finely chopped Garam masala
Green chillies Garlic paste
Ginger  paste Salt to taste


1. Heat oil in a pan and add mustard seeds to it,let them crackle.
2. Add asafoetida,ginger paste,garlic paste and stir for few seconds
3. Add finely chopped tomatoes and stir fry until it looks like a puree.Keep it on medium flame till oil starts separating
4. Add shredded paneer ,keep aside a little of it for later use,to the red gravy and let it simmer for a little while
5. Add salt, garam masala and coriander leaves
6. Add boiled medium diced potatoes and simmer for 2-3 mins.
7. Add remaining shredded paneer for decoration while serving hot.

This dish can be served with jeera rice and hot chapatis..yummy 🙂