That Ugly Moment

I’ve been in love with you for 15 years now! Long time, yes it is. And the love only grows stronger with every passing year. Beyond love, its the habitat that we’ve created together, that I cannot imagine living away from. I think its not only us, its with normally all the couples, who spend longer time in the relationship, they tend to get so so used to each other that even a moment’s silence is a killer!

We have love between us, we have patience, we have understanding and we crack stupid jokes to only laugh hard on them ourselves. We’ve our silly days, we have our mushy days and then how can we skip having our rough days? After all these rough days only complete the relationship, right?

But obviously, I hate these moments between us. However, far and apart they are, I dislike them. That being said, and at the risk of being tagged as mean wifey 😉 I’ve to say that these ugly moments actually end up in we making up hard for the lost precious ones 🙂 we are back with much love and care, we resolve quickly because within few hours we realize that this is disastrous-not talking to each other is so not cool! Normally, its you who comes down to me, although you don’t say sorry and all that, but you do try to normalize things and I like my own self try to show off my attitude as if I don’t care types and ultimately we end up laughing at this silly drama 🙂

So we just had one such ugly moment yesterday and boy, it was bad, rough! Yesterday from the magnitude of it all looked like we are at least not going to talk to each other for 1 week! Whaat? Did someone just say 1 week? ha! Today we’re off for a moive together and back to talking, we are jokers, I tell you 🙂 We don’t know how to even fight and survive it 🙂

What’s your fight story? I’m sure you guys do fight, right? Everyone does, that’s the spice of life (cliched yet true) !!!!!!

…when the heart simply wants to be MUSHY :)

We’ve had very bad fights.We really are very very different. Poles apart would be a right thing to describe us, yet we are in a relationship since more than a decade now. We produced a beautiful child which is an apple of our eyes. She is our world and we revolve round her.

I feel really depressed, heavily sad at times when we are cross at each other. Primarily, because there are few things that I don’t approve in you, some of your thoughts, your concepts and behaviours. But that is true vice versa too. And that’s how it is between two people, between husband and wife.

Times of our fights are the times when I really tend to think what the hell is wrong with you. How insensitive you’ve becomes towards certain things. What do I do to change you etc. But when I calm down, my mind tells me, its the person you are that I fell in love with. That I decided to marry and take vows. That I feel proud my child has you as her father. So what if there are differences, they add spice to our lives, we bounce back in all mush and it kind of gives us a break from our routine and gives an excuse to celebrate our patch up.

Little fights, big arguments, light banters are so part of our relationship. And the mix of it is all what makes it what it is today for 14 years. Can you believe we know each other for that long now? I certainly don’t know how these years went by. Flew, actually. And there is yet so much to witness.

We’ve our dreams to come true. We’ve our second bub to come in this world. We’ve long parenting years and support each other in the drill. We’ve to watch so many movies, chat non stop late nights, have reading races like kids, have arguments to make for silly things, patch up with a kiss and hug each tight for no reasons, not talk for couple of days in a row, accuse each other for nothing, have each other to fall back in bad times, worry about our future as parents of teenage children, travel the world & explore, basically, we have so much remaining to do in our lives that we can’t afford to let the moments pass by just like that. There is so much to do which is going to be exciting.

I don’t want to think how my life would be without you, this is very hypothetical and no use in thinking that. Instead, I’m thinking what my life is with you in it and if I’ve to sum up, it is the you and me that makes prettier for both of us in this relationship. The best is I have you and you have me, the best it could be!

So what I’m saying is I love you for what you are with a little disagreement with some part of you 😉


Itna Maza Kyo Aa Raha Hai…

Well, well, this is exactly what I felt the other day..errr night and this song was constantly on my mind… “itna maza kyo aa raha hai, tune hawa mein bhaang milaya…” 

Now what’s the connection with my post and this song and me feeling good and the bhaang? See, I said it! It is THE bhaang that I’m pointing my finger at! You get me?

For a totally 100% teetotaller person (that is Hubsy, and not me 😉 ) asking for bringing in bhaang this Holi because something inside me was shouting loudly to have bhaang and see how it tastes/looks like/does what, was a little tough and I had to be very strategic!

I spread the game, placed the pawns and picked the first move and lo! In the first move itself Hubsy gave in (well, we’ll think like that!). He agreed and said “okay, in the evening!” and I was like “are you sure?” almost sounding like he was the one asking for it and not me 🙂

So, coming to the evening, I did not bring this up for the sake of not appearing desperate (all modest etc, you know) and also to check if the mr. forgetful remembers his loves’ wish for the day 😉 (ya, you calling me evil wife?)

Husby calls his expert friend, who certainly is not a teetotaller, for the right (read: safe) place to get it. And once the info was collected, off we were on our way to madness!

I drank entire glass of that sweetened milk just for that little tablet which is supposedly taken like this, mixed with the milk or many people take it with beetle leaf also (just got hold of this GK!), otherwise me & milk, are little cross with each other normally, since ages!

We came home, all healthy and hearty. I mean I was all normal, Husby didn’t drink, of course! I kept on asking him that did he really put that tab in or was it all a drama, b/c I was not at all feeling anything happening inside me, my head anywhere! An hour passed by and I was the same old Scribby with no change at all, sad! I accused Hubsy of just making fool of me by giving me just the sweetened milk! He time and again said he did add one tab, but since I must have said this to him like for 100 times in that 1 hour, he finally gave up on convincing me and said go get 4 tabs tomorrow on your own, huh!

All this while, we were at home, around MIL and Chirpy and things were normal. Slowly, I realised I’d started laughing… for nothing. I felt lighter in the head and a little shaky in the legs! No I didn’t feel totally lost of something, but I did feel something’s happening inside me, you know that feeling of ‘world being the coolest place, life’s rocking and I’m the super star here’ types? I felt great, merry and giddy 😛 . I was saying the same thing couple of times to ensure I actually said them not talked to myself in my head. I also experienced a little time lapse and felt like was I was rocking 5 minutes ahead and 5 minutes back of the current time. I also felt I was forgetting what I just spoke of and then when I said something I felt I’ve already said it…. aaah… do you know what I want to say here? 🙂

So the whole point is finally, so finally, it had kicked in, though with just 1 tab you don’t get a high high but it is decent enough to make your realize that you’re bhaang-ed !!!!

Husby enjoyed my drama, laughter attack and slipping of time which was really funny! He teased me the next day morning too and we laughed out on that. This Holi will remain special for me, for obvio reasons 😉

How was your Holi? Did you play colors? Have you been bhaanged anytime? What was your experience?

Moments from Y2K-Looking Back 4

It’s from the time when me and Husby were dating. Both our families weren’t aware of our relationship,of course 😉

On a Sunday I call this guy at his residence [mobile phones were not common at that time and both of us didn’t have any]

The call went on something like this:

Him: Hello?

Me: Hey!!!!!

Him: Hi…

Me: What’s up? What are you doing?


Me: Really? What?

Him: Idli Sambhar…

Me: Ahh!! Are you serious? You know cooking?

Him: Of course I do,don’t you know this already?

Me: No way! you never mentioned it…naughty you *giggles* but cool han, you know cooking so it’s good for me 😉

Him: And how is that?

Me: Areh, I can be lazy sometimes in know what I mean? *giggles*

Him: *smiles*

Me: So, what all do you know which will let me be lazy,han?

Him: Uhhu…

Me: tell na baby..tell tell…

Him: Well,I can cook for starters…I can clean if I have to…you know!

Me: sho shweet *in total mushy style* I’m so lucky to have you in my life 🙂 YAY *giggles*

Him: *smiles*

Me: Chal any way, tell me what’s today’s plan? Are we meeting in the evening?

Him: Umm..well yeah..where?

Me: Areh where what…the same place no?

Him: okay see you then!

Me: okay sweetie, see you then! wait…

Him: Yes?

Me: Don’t forget to bring the book I gave you the other day,okay?

Him: hmmm

*phones click on both sides*

*after an hour or so he calls me up*

Me: Hello?

Him: Hey!

Me: Hiiii

Him: So what’s up? what are you doing?

Me: *puzzled* me? umm..err..well simply nothing..waiting for clock to strike 5 so then we meet 🙂

Him: 5? Are we even meeting today?

Me: *aiing?*

Him: But you said yesterday that we’ll decide today whether we are meeting or not.

Me: Ya right,but we did decide sometime back that we are meeting ,no?

Him: *aiing?*

Me: What ya? Are you drunk? *irritated*

Him: Oye!

Me: Then what!!!! Stop kidding me now…we just spoke an hour back.

Him: Lady,lady,lady!!! I was sleeping for almost 2 hours and just woke up and now calling you.

Me: Are you serious?

Him: Yes, what’s so unbelievable in this?

Me: Trust me I called you an hour back and we spoke for around 15 mins…how can you be sleeping when I was talking to you?

Him: *silence*

Me: *silence*

Him: Oh fish!!!!

Me: Oh no!!! Really? You think so?

Him: Of course,now it’s pretty obvious!!! Tell me quick what exactly did you speak..I need to know what all did you say on the call ?

It turned out that Husby’s elder brother had picked up the phone and me,the dumb girl,confused his voice with Husby’s and started speaking. On the other hand, brother in law thought that it was a prank call from Radio Mirchi,since they used such stunts in their shows,hence he too carried out the conversation ahead…but then when I mentioned the book, he got a clue that the call was not fake but was a real girlfriend-boyfriend call and the boyfriend was none other than his younger brother 😛

I felt exactly like this“main toh laaj ke maare,ho gayi pani pani,sab logo ne sun li meri prem kahani…mooh se baat nikal gayi,baat baat ma…baat baat ma”… [song courtesy: Morni Baga Ma Bole Aadhi Raat Ma]

This conversation has been written for the oops moment tag,which I got from N Bose on this oops moment post 🙂

While on this,I would also like to share a kind of similar incident,like NB mentioned in her post:

Remember this movie THE GURU ? Me and Husby went to see it in theater. On being seated inside I realized that there were only 4 women in the hall including me! Sigh,if you have watched this movie, you know why I sighed here 😉 But at least it was a relief that there were other three women and grown up auntie types who were in a group with their male partners AND the fact that we were seated just behind them made me really feel okay,if not totally comfortable 🙂

Any way, so moments like these keep taking place in our lives 🙂 and recalling them is one fun thing to do !!!

Thanks NB for reminding me of these moments 🙂 Me and Husby had a good laugh recalling them 🙂

2013’s list in making…

As the half of 2012 is done I’m looking forward to the end of the year when I might have been finished my target of reading those unread books at home. Initially,if you recall,the target was of reading 21 books but looking at my reading speed I felt the need to cut it down a little and hence brought it to ’15 at least’.

Sounded better to me and I felt lighter [mentally, I so wish doing such things would also make me feel lighter physically,sigh]

So far 8 books done this year and we have 7 months to go. Not bad I say,yeah? I’m hopeful that I’m able to achieve that ’15 at least’ target if not the original one!!

Husby is playing a pivotal role in my self reading challenge and has offered that the moment I complete my challenge he’ll buy me 10 book on spot. Ain’t it a swell deal?

Since the day this deal has struck between us,my reading pleasure has increased multifolds… much so that I’ve already started making a list of the new books that I would be reading in the year 2013, like a little girl : )

Want to know which ones?

7 notes for 7 years

Dear Husby,

Recently we reached the 7 year mark of wedded bliss or marriage in simpler terms. 7 years,han? Sounds long and not that long too. We have been through so many things in these 7 years,at the end of which I can say these 7 things to you:

  1. I won’t say you’re the best husband in the world [well that would sound cheesy] but I’m sure you are the best for me!
  2. I’m sure you are going to be the perfect father,I always visualized for my children.
  3. You forget a lot and it irritates me to no bounds but then I know nothing comes perfect in life,not even me!
  4. You are an introvert and not as expressive as I had like you to be but then I know how much you love me and that melts me inside out.
  5. You trust me blindly,not that you must not,but the fact that you do,makes me feel special.
  6. You are my anchor which has brought stability in my life.No this is not any cliched statement copied from some book/movie,it is the fact of my life.
  7. My family loves you and they keep telling me how lucky I’m to have you as a life partner-they also say things like ‘only if we could clone him for your other cousins to have husbands like him’- makes me feel proud,not of you,but of my choice 😉

Well,I’ve matured with you and it’s not just about spending 7 years together but it’s been a journey of more than a decade that we know each other now-11 years to be precise. These 7 years as husband and wife,have brought us to different levels of understanding. Showed us life from different perspective.

Certainly,there were promises broken,there were tears,there were fights that turned ugly, there were days in a row when we didn’t speak to each other….but to go with these there were days which were filled with smiles,the days when we were happy,when we kept our promises,we we joked,shopped,traveled, read books together,played scrabble,cooked, acted lazy bums,watched movies,dined,snuggled and cuddled…and these were by all means the days the that form a major part of these 7 years of our marriage.

We argue and we have differences. But the best part about us is we know how to enjoy our differences,how to let each other just be,how to give that required space and how not to be too demanding.

All I have to say to you is, happy 7th Anniversary Husby! Let’s just stay the same to each other and be merry 🙂



Daddy’s 1st

How could I just let it go by,without mentioning it here? yeah yeah show off you know 😉

Before Chirpy’s b’day it was her daddy dearest’s b’day and this was his 1st one as a father. Of course I had to make it special for him,for chirpy to recall in future.

I had no idea of what and how Chirpy could make it special for her daddy. She hasn’t started speaking yet so there was no way I could make her say ‘happy b’day daddy’…so I had to think for something else and then while I was racking my brain it worked 😉

I came up with an idea of hand painting a tee for the daddy but how does Chirpy comes in the picture you ask? See for yourselves,here it is :

I was so thrilled when this was completed !

Needless to mention that the daddy was more than excited, eager and thrilled too ! We gifted it to him on the morning of his b’day and he instantly said I’m going to wear this to work today! I was like what? Are you sure? I mean it’s not formal by any which way! He was like it is important for me and that’s what matters 🙂

So wear to work he did and everyone asked him about it and he told them beamingly that it is his daughter’s palm’s print!

He wore it entire day, even to his b’day party in the evening that we had arranged….the glint in his eyes was as priceless as the kiss that Chirpy gave him and wished him in her own way 🙂

Chirpy,this is recorded for you to know and recall how we celebrated daddy’s first b’day ! You made it so special for him baby! I’ve to thank you for being so patient and obedient, you didn’t mess at all and it came out well in one go,credits to you sweetheart ! Love, Aai!

Tears Tears Tears…happy tears all the way down my cheeks !

The e-factor

When Chirpy was born I was told by many friends that I must make her sleep in the other room/cot to avoid sleeping accidents/ co-sleeping habits etc. Though me and husby agreed to all of it we were still very sure we did not want to put Chirpy away from us then. She was a tiny baby and we didn’t have the courage to leave her alone all night. Moreover, we didn’t want us to stay away from her that long.That said I don’t mean to say that parents who make their baby sleep in other room/cot are heartless or so,I’m saying we could not do it!

But then we also had this clear in mind that how long would we co-sleep. As per our thoughts and logic we decided that once she is an year old we can put her away,slowly! By that time even we would be settled with the idea of she sleeping in separately and she will be a bit big baby by then!

Last month,few days before her big O,we started putting her to sleep alone. Just after her dinner, short bath and change we started putting her alone in the cot and we left the room. The first day she cried like hell broke and my heart skipped a beat. Though I was peeping through the door and made sure I’ll stand there unless she is silently asleep. She cried for almost 10 mins and eventually gave up and slept. I put a brave face and continued doing that on the second,third and fourth day in a row. By fifth day she started sleeping the moment I put her in the cot and switched off the lights. She didn’t wait for me to reach the door and close it behind me. I got the message,she got used to it!

My heart skipped a beat again. How funny it is! The first day when she cried on being left alone,I felt sad. The fifth day when she didn’t cry on being left alone,I felt sad! Isn’t this called as motherhood?

Okay,moving ahead of motherhood. Come to fatherhood! Mr. father also agreed upon the same and signaled me to go ahead with our original plan to start making her sleep alone by the time she is one. But by the second day only he acted like a baby himself. Making faces and asking me whether he can tug in with her for a little while? Or if he can go and peep once in every 15 mins? And questions like that 🙂

So far in the parenthood, I’ve discovered that though women are tagged as epitome of emotions and love as compared to the men but when it comes to fatherhood I believe fathers are more emotional and sentimental as compared to mothers. I think mothers can put a brave face where need be unlike fathers !

Just my observation based on my experience..Tell me does the father of your child scores more on the e-factor as a father?

Husband’s 2 daughters

The b’day went pretty well,like I said in the last post but post b’day there was lots of work to settle down before we could safely say that one episode is over! Yeah, the post b’day work is a task in itself too, sorting out the gifts for starters!

As it was expected we got lot of gifts in the form of toys, soft toys, clothes and cash. So the easiest to tackle was,yes you’re right, the cash! Rest was a task for which we actually took a week’s time. Finally, yesterday we sorted out the entire stuff and now the room looks clean and tidy 🙂

Coming to toys-both soft and plastic…. soft toys are all so cute though there are a few repetition but it’s okay a doll is a doll is a doll 🙂 The plastic toys are all developmental toys suitable for the 1 years onward…so we kept them in two boxes namely-now and later. Well, the ‘now’ box has all the toys that she has already started playing with and like it is evident the ‘later’ box has toys which she’ll be introduced to a bit later,say 3-6 months down the line.

When we were doing the same to soft toys, Husby thought we must think of keeping the old soft toys aside for someone else’s use,cause they’re still in a pretty good condition and add the new toys to Chirpy’s toy basket. The idea clicked me and I sprung up to go to her bed where her soft toys are usually kept. Sorting from the current lot Husby said why not we move ‘Nancy’ now and add the new dolls that have come? I said okay but within few seconds of that I was like ‘no way! not Nancy by any chance’ ! Husby was surprised and asked why I was saying this….to which I just had one thing to say “Nancy is Chirpy’s first ever doll and she relates to her,she will not be happy if  we give her away”. Husby said the new dolls are pretty much like Nancy,not with much a difference,so what’s the big deal? I said “Nancy is Nancy and the new dolls are not her”.

May be I said this too daramtically or whatever the husband read more in it. He probed me and I came out with the deeper reason….

I’m attached to Nancy too! Just because she is my daughter’s first doll I’m attached to her? No. But also because this is the first doll that bought for Chirpy with so much love and to which Chirpy held on to instantly and she likes her so much that she treats her like her own baby and puts her to sleep and also sleeps with her most of the nights. Even sometimes when she gets up in the middle of the might she first takes a look at Nancy,draws he closer and pats her back as if putting her to sleep and gets back to sleep herself!

How could I just let Nancy go away? I cannot!

So now brownie points to guess that the new dolls are right now resting in the ‘later’ box and Nancy, the princess is having a merry time with my darling and the smiles on their faces are to die for!

Husby smiled to my reasoning with a sparkle of sureness in his eyes-once again his old thought has been proven right-that he has two daughters-one in the role of his child and the other in role of his child’s mother 🙂 🙂 🙂

The pep up joke-2

Since today morning I’ve an upset stomach,real bad you know! So thus the conversation between us man and wife :

Me: *nudging him @ 4 am* listen no. I saw T in my dreams. We were having a good time together.

Husby: *half asleep, checking the time* So did the dream wake you up this early?

Me: *with no comment on the dream now with a serious tone* I said I SAW T. And no the stomach is upset hence I woke up  😦

Husby: Don’t you think you’re thinking too much & not letting it go off your head? Life’s like that….give yourself a little break,yeah?

Me: Huh! I can’t possibly seem to let it slip my head….it’s too hard for me to digest !

Husby: Yeah right, you’re not able to digest it….no wonder you’re having an upset stomach 😉 *nudged me to at least smile if not laugh*

this is my 600th!