5/30 Letters : Letter to My Dreams

Dear Dreams,

What do I write to you when you and me are so distanced, by nature or luck, whatever!

Simple, I don’t see dreams or do I write I don’t get dreams? I seriously don’t get them… or sometimes I think I might be getting them but when I get in morning, I forget what I saw or even if I saw something in my dreams 🙂

I so wish I saw dreams, I would have want to interpret them. I would want to fulfill them or just have a big laugh at what I could imagine and see in my dreams. But sigh, I don’t get dreams.

When I hear other people talk about their dreams, I feel funny and sad at the same time. Funny, for I see people get worried for their dreams if they something bad and sad that why I like others don’t have anything to talk about my dreams? Like this letter, see this was included in the series because normally people do get dreams and they can write about them, except me, who is a little abnormal here 😦

But anyway, I’m positive about future, and now, I take this opportunity to invite you in my sleep… baby come to my sleep, come to me!  I want to talk about you, tell people what I saw in you, feel sad at times and feel funny for my imaginations 🙂 I want to get up and think what I saw… okay, let’s make a deal, at least once a week come to my sleep, okay? Is it too much to ask for? huh?

Toady I’ll sleep in anticipation to welcome you, don’t let me down, after all I also want to write about you, here, right here 🙂

Come Soon,


No relation with this post, this song is playing in the background, I can’t do without music and it keeps playing if I’m writing or working, so!

4/30 Letters : Letter to My Sibling

Dear N,

Today I will tell you something that I’ve never ever told you all these years. You might hate me for this or just laugh it out, but whatever your reaction, I would take it !

When I was small, and you were not born then, I was the most cherished child in the family, being the first in every sect of the big family set and subset on mamma’s side. I felt awesome and top of the world, of course not knowing these words/expressions then 😉 . I was the only one, and was attended like a princess. I was the toy of our uncles and aunts, I was the apple of granparents’ eyes… I was… you get the drift right? So yes I was special and felt that every moment of my life!

Then I started seeing my friends having siblings sisters. Slowly I realized I was the only one without a sibling a sister and I started longing for you, my sibling (could have been a sister sibling). I didn’t know our parents were expecting already, and that you were shortly going to come into our lives.

Cut to the day when you were born. This day is crystal clear in my memory, till date and it will always remain, I know! Papa came to pick me from school, Aai was not there at home and Nani wasn’t there too (she had just came couple of days ago to visit us, so I thought, but she came for bringing you in!) Papa was in hurry, since he had come from office, just to feed me, change my clothes and take me to the hospital to meet you!

I was told while getting ready that I’ve a little brother now which we are going to see and then he’ll come home. I looked at Papa in “horror” like literally! A brother? Was papa sure, ha, I wondered! I confirmed and yes it was you, a baby boy, my brother, which I never wanted! I wanted a sister, to show off to my friends like they did theirs! I thought having a brother was not cool, he could not be your best friend, he could not dress like you he was not the one, basically, huh!

I fretted over it, did a little drama, cried, shouted that I don’t want to see you, I don’t want you to come home etc etc! Papa was getting late, since he had to drop me at hospital and go back to office! Finally after coaxing me softly, he shouted at me! Tada! That was the second trigger for me to create more drama… I said papa shouted on me because now you have come, ha!

How naive I was then, just a little girl, you know I don’t mean all that I did and said for you then, right? I honestly wanted a little sister for me and it all began from there. But slowly when we started growing up together, I realized it doesn’t matter if it is a brother or a sister, all that matters first is you have a sibling 🙂 and I’m glad I have you!

Sibling is the best gift parents give to their children, I truly believe in this and good lord we have each other 🙂

On a side note, having a sister has its own perks no? which I missed with you 😉 😉 ok ok, I agree brothers are the best, ok? 😀

While I write this, not a very brotherly-sisterly song, but this is what I’ve on my mind!



3/30 Letters : Letter to My Parents

Dear Parents,

I think this is the easiest letter of all 🙂 I’ve things clear in my head as to what I would want to say to you… 

I of course would want to thank you for making me what I’m… When I became a parent I read lot of stuff on parenting, child rearing and how to do what and not. I realized after all that padhai that first 5 years are the basic foundation years that parents can give to their child/ren and that we must not lose it for a minute. Later on then kids pick up their own choices and paths to shape up their lives. 

Parents are guides, friends and philosophers. They stand by you, they are family and they are the ones who will never leave, whatsoever! 

Now that I’m a parent, I realize how tough job it is that you both have done to raise me and my brother. It is not easy to take up this responsibility and fulfill it to the T. There are weak moments, there are tough moments and then there are such moments where you have to be rough in handling your own flesh and blood. Parenting is test of time! And you certainly have taught me good lessons which now are helping me in raising my own daughter!

You know just having a lavish (I mean in terms of time, love, laughter and happiness) childhood makes me a happier and positive person and it reflects in my personality. my behavior and my doings. I feel good about my own self and I want to spread happiness across. 

I feel confident, free and liberal in my own skin. You taught me to love and stay happy in life. Take it as it comes and never feel lost at tough times. I simply adore how you dealt with my teenage : topics like boy friends, going out with friends, crushes, etc were never taboo in our house and in fact were discussed and were explained in such a manner that I never picked up wrong paths in my life because I had a strong support of family and one place where I can open my heart out, on anything!

I want to thank my destiny to have been born to parents like you 🙂 You guys rock! This letter is just an ounce of what I can feel or how well I can thank you for what all I’m today, because of your fabulous parenting 🙂 

The song that is on my mind while I write this is:

Love you,


1/30 Letters : Letter to My Best Friend

Dear R,

Our relationship goes a long way… way back to 1980s.. how old does it make it today? 30 years? Really? I too feel it is long long time, so much so that I wonder if this is true? Do they make such relationships anymore? I think we owe this to our parents, they brought us together and since then we are inseparable. 

Like all other relationships, we’ve had our ups and downs. We’ve stayed apart for most of our teenage years, but our foundation, that is childhood has been spent together and we grew up with same beliefs and values that bond us even today, when we meet once in 2-3 years and speak once in a quarter (?, yeah)

I always have shared everything with you, boy friends, insecurities, fears and all bad stuff. I think we’ve seldom spoken about good stuff of our lives. For that we’ve lot of other friends, right? 🙂 I adore the fact that you trust me equally and pour your heart out to me the way I do to you! 

You know i never had to tell you how much I love you or the times when I didn’t want to speak with you, you just understood and never felt bad about it. 

You remember our Chinese Food outings? Our Non-Veg food obsession? Our late night pajama gossips? And hey remember the first time we learnt to make Dosas together? Aww girl, you have been my sister that God didn’t send for me.. you are my sister from another mother! I mean it, totally mean it! 

And very recently, our Mumbai rendezvous? The getting talli in Happy Singh and laughing non stop till we reached home? Gadhi, we could have got kidnapped that day after getting drunk on tall glasses of Sex on Long Island or whatever it was, see I don’t even remember 😛 

You know you are that friend to me with whom I can bare my heart and soul! You make me comfortable in every which way, in my own skin, the way I’m and the person ME,because of the only fact that you will not judge me!

I think I never told you this, I never had to, but when this opportunity came, I could not leave this chance. Babes, I love you to bits! I owe you a lot, my love, my time, I owe you ! You’ve been there silently for me and have never stepped back, in my bad times and even in my good! I look up to our friendship when I’m searching a relationship with trust. You’ve been an anchor and I exactly love the kind of friendship we have : least expected and so much giving! We don’t mind things said or done to each other, we abuse each other, we hate each other and we spoil each other rotten, but at the end the love current binds us together and that’s what matters sweetheart!

Also, this letter writing has come at the right moment, it is 1st day of September, and I need not mention why this month is special for both of us 🙂 🙂 🙂 

Leaving you with a song that touches my soul, makes me sentimental and I remember you every time I listen to it 🙂

This song is kind of made for us type of friends wonly 🙂 

Stay you, always!




Take Away from ‘Satyamev Jayate’ Episode 2

The second episode too did a fairly good job in bringing in another evil of man kind-Child Sexual Abuse. It is indeed horrific as it sounds. The stories that were brought forward were,needless to mention,heart breaking.

I had two-fold intention to watch this episode-1. I want to watch the entire 13 episode series, of course and 2. Because I’m a parent now and I must ‘deeply’ go into ‘this’ matter. And my purpose of watching it served big time!

The learning :

>You should not respect the elders,you should respect their behaviour.

How true is that? Just because you are an elder you are allowed to do wrong? No way! You behave nice,you get respect nice! Deal!

>If your child is coming to you with some issue,hear her. Don’t ignore her.

A simple fact: A child who is at an innocent age,why would he lie about something so big like sexual abuse when he doesn’t even know what it means?

Whatever happens you must trust your child first and stand by her,to give her support and strength to come out in open and identify the culprit.

To hell with the age old fear ‘log kya kahenge‘ just think about ‘what my child is going through’

>Talk to your child often about good touch and bad touch!

The workshop:

>Aamir Khan conducted a very short & sweet workshop for children to understand what is ‘danger’ and what is ‘safe’ and what body parts one must not touch,in any case and if one must touch them that should only be in the presence of your parents.

These 3 body parts are- 1. Chest 2. Part between legs 3. Bottoms. 

The moment someone is trying to touch these parts you must resist,scream and run away from there.

Tell your child to tell each and everything to you [parents] no matter what. Which means you’ve to earn their trust and give them the confidence that whatever happens you’ll always be there,holding them tight!

The workshop is a must not forget drill parents should conduct with their children at regular intervals

The hard facts:

>Our country doesn’t have a law against this!

>In cases like oral child sex abuse the abuser can’t be punished because there is no ‘penetration’ of sexual kind!

>There is a bill pending in parliament on this which is not being taken on priority .

>Parents more often then not discard the signals coming from their child regarding this which makes the child feel guilty about himself.

I was astonished, broken and alert after watching this episode. We’ve such greater evils in the society to fight against and still we get down to a level to petty fights,sigh! 

Hats off to those who came on the television with their past life stories to share with the world. Unless someone comes out in open others will not take that ‘one’ necessary step of resisting and saying a strict NO! I thank those 3 vanquishers from the bottom of my heart!

We must take actions, We must be bold, We must protect our children and their childhood!

And the episode ended with another lovely song

Yet another SMJ post-not

There is something about it,my heart always told me and it all came out to be true.

All this while watching promos and hearing about the much talked about and speculated show ‘Satyamev Jayate’  [SMJ] I was waiting with abaited breath for 11 am today. When I watched it I realized I was anticipating something like that to be coming our way. After all it  is Aamir’s show, so it had to have some weight in it!

Whereas I agree that it is on the similar lines of Crime Patrol aired on Sony but what makes it stand out are these three things:

>Aamir Khan

>At the end it’s not only a reality talk show but the real show which not only intends to bring the issues in light but also do something about it.

>The so much down-to-earth-touch and no celebrity-ness of it all.

Today’s episode was on : Female Foeticide

Needless to say FB is full of status messages about SMJ and of course people are raving about it. My cousin’s status message after watching the show was this:

One country…different worlds!!!! Chilled to the core after watching Satyamev Jayate….. humbled to be born privileged!

I could not help but post ditto on it!

If you’ve watched the show you know what I’m talking about and why. If you haven’t you can catch it here:

SMJ 1st Episode

I shuddered, I was horrified and I was in tears by the end of it all. It so happens no that we kind of know that things are happening around us and we feel sad about them when we read / hear about them via media but the reality only hits us when you hear some true heart wrenching stories by the one’s who have gone through it. Listening to the three stories that were presented were like taking a trip to hell!

There are people who are animals,quiet literally..there are grandmothers who intended to kill their grandchildren just because they are not grandsons and there are fathers who give a damn for their own flesh and blood because that flesh and blood ball is going to be a girl one day!

When I imagine myself last year having delivered Chirpy, I realize how lucky I’m to have a mother in law who wholeheartedly took chirpy in her arms and is till date raving about Chirpy’s presence in  her life. She,not even for a nano second made me feel that I did not give her a grandson…And no until today I was not even thinking about all this but today I’m!

But ironies that happen to other women make you say that thank god my in-laws are not like this,me and my parents are lucky!  How ironical is that??? I have to feel lucky for such a normal thing that my daughter is being accepted and loved for being a girl child????

Any way I think I’m getting carried away while writing this. All I wanted to share is of course I loved the show. I was Aamir’s fan since whenever I can remember and now I respect him more for the step that he has taken towards eradicating social evils and I hope this time we all join our hands and fight till the end…cause waves come and go but if we do not let this one go…it will stay and will surely bring in a sea change! Their website has all the details of how you can support the cause. Just do it people, just do it!

Leaving you with an equally heart wrenching song sung by Swanand Kirkire on the show:

P.S. I have to tell you IHM that all the while I was watching the episode I was thinking about you and your posts . I also thought that may be you should kind of get associated with Aamir’s show,no really, you both any way have the same motive,so why not?

And as lot of people would have guessed it you have already done the post about the show 🙂 Cheers IHM !

P.P.S. While writing this post when I typed in the word ‘foeticide’ WordPress immediately underlined it with a red line…see even the blogging platforms are aware that it’s not a valid term 🙂

P.P.P.S. I wanted to link the show’s website here but you know what the website is so much crowded at this moment that it’s just not letting me in..such is the show’s effect 🙂 You can go to http://www.satyamev-jayate.in

This list maketh Scribby happy :)

Listened to these songs after ages and felt fabulous 🙂 Somethings are better kept for laters,no? That time these songs might not have been so much hit [with everyone] but today going back to them feels like putting these in the loop 🙂 These,IMO,fall in the same category as Kolaveri…like you know peppy,different,bringing smile on your face,reaching you and staying with you 🙂 Lines like ‘Tere se marriage karne ko main bambai se goa aya’ OR ‘Julie Julie Jhonny ka dil tujhpe aaya Julie’ OR ‘Main raji,tu raji, phir kya daddy kya amma’  can’t be termed as ‘musical lyrics’ in literal terms. But these are still songs and we listen to them and most of the times like them !

So why only Kolaveri Kolaveri Di?  😉 put these all in the loop 🙂