Real Vacay

Had read a meme which stated something like – “if you are with husband and kids, that’s not vacation it’s change of location”.

I felt it was funny / witty.

In reality, my version of same quote is there are two types of vacations:

a) Group Vacation (family/ friends/etc.)

B) Solo Vacation (spending time with oneself/ zen-like etc.)

Both vacations add value to your whole being. I need both sorts. I love being on solo trips, though haven’t had a real solo vacation till date, but my work let’s me travel and for me that is a sort of solo vacay.

It gives me all the time in the world before and after work;

It let’s me choose what I want to do each day without any ifs and buts;

It let’s me just chill after a long day, no chores and no role;

It let’s me choose to be asocial, if I don’t want to meet anyone at all, I can do that;

I can be in the city and no one will know I was there, I can be anonymous, not mattering to anyone, not wanting to be noticed or talked to;

Basically, I can just be!

I think such breaks rejuvenate me, balance me and refresh my system, to go back to my usual life happy!

Having said the above, such breaks need to be shorter ONLY for I cannot live this break for more than 2-3 days!

I want my usual, I want my chores, I want my people!!!!

Today, as I write this, I’m on one such solo- worcay*! (A vacation happened because of work).

And this is what I’m into, once I hit the publish button up in the right corner!

*Yes, go ahead and praise me, I just invented this word, right here right now 🙂 *adjusts collar*

P.S. I’m not sure if this word really doesn’t exist, if it does pls remember I wasn’t the first to coin it but I didn’t copy either!!!

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