Know Scribby!

Scribby loves life,laughter and everything that life has to offer..yes everything !

Of course like most of the ‘normal’ human beings I get erratic too but that’s a phase which passes soon…umm….sooner ! I like to make pencil sketches,love to dance,like to sing [no matter how bad a singer I’m ;) ],love books and am passionate about everything that I do !

There are certain things in life that I don’t heart too much but I guess those you’ll find in my blog posts any way…so let’s not bring them here :)

Is there a particular thing or person or a place that I blog about ? Nope! As the blog name suggests I write to stockpile my life so that when I grow old, I can sip my hot cuppa chocolate and read these posts to rewind the memories 🙂

Husby-the husband,Chirpy-our daughter and Sibby– our son also get a mention on this blog time and again :)

P.S. This ‘about’ page gets updated every time I think it must,because I’m quiet moody too ;)

So bear with me and let’s hope our journey together on this blog is memorable!!

If you want to get in touch with me,please write in at and I’ll see to it that you get a reply asap !!

Welcome here & have a happy stay :)


50 thoughts on “Know Scribby!

    1. Trust me it’s not for making anyone J but because I’m missing it myself so much !! Just want to go back to Mumbai !! 😦

      P.S.- If at all it made you J…wow !! 😉 At least I can think of it and plan a weekend trip to Mumbai whenever I wish !! YAY 😉

    1. Totally missed out that page – Sketches when I first wrote here. Sorry. 🙂

      Actually, your DP is fab – where did u take it ??? Are u facing the sun or the camera ???? I like shots like this.

  1. Ok, I just read you are into HR or something, shhhh….Im looking out for a job; help me please ! I shall get you a toffee ! oh, wait, a coffee ! no, a toffee …….

  2. Hi Scribby…. i believe that is ur name 🙂

    I have seen you around in Blogosphere, most recently in Uma S’ blog. I would like to subscribe to you blog but cant see an e mail button option. Do throw some light on this !

  3. just saw few of the sketches…. you are absolutely talented..
    here I can’t even draw a straight line :mrgreen:

    you’re just being generous 😀 thank you any way 🙂

  4. Hello Scribby 🙂

    So very glad to see you at my space…you know..when I was reading you, I thought I have read you already ( hope that makes sense 😀 ) especially the ‘being married’ post…

    Guess I was shy to comment since I had just started out 🙂

    And I like your handle – ‘Scribby’ …but I am finding you Bubbly too 😉

        1. Tnx a tonne..I’ve been busy yesterday hence could not properly read the tag though I did visit your page..shall do it soon,thank you once again 🙂

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