It’s always so good to look back and see what all we had.For example, we often look back at our childhood.The school days and the days we lived with our parents.All seem to be carefree and lovely days.

Yet there would be some who would not want to look back.Ironically, the past is not very good for some to cherish the memories.Okay,but there is one thing each one of us does and that is to analyse.

We do analyse what happened in the past.It could be a recent past or a long-left-behind past. No matter how we try not to remember things,it keeps coming back to us in some or the other forms. Sometime we feel good about it and sometimes bad.

Ultimately,doing this retrospection always leaves us thinking that it would have been better if I would would’ve done this. and done that. Sometimes we also think about how others behaved in so-and-so situation and it would have been a better situation if that person would’ve done this and said that.

It doesn’t stop here.We also analyse good things as well.Like If we would have written this example my score would have been gone up. If I would have added this punch line to my presentation it would’ve rocked amongst the audience.

But alas..these things are only thoughts and can’t be undone and redone.After all it’s not a software programme where in you run it once and then change the coding wherever required.It’s not a shooting scene where we can edit what all details we need to hide or change.

Yes,it’s life and the incidences of it. The destined things that happen to us all.The one shot movie which has no retakes.We can only think in retro and may be do better or avoid somethings next time to save nine.

In Marathi there is a proverb: “Atya bai la mishya astya tar kaka mahntla asta” [if aunt had mustache she would have been called uncle]

And we all know that there is no point in looking at what happened but doing what we can do to our future..but we still do retrospect and we all like it !Such is life…Such are human beings..knowing it all we tend do things which we probably should not do..hai na ?

of course I’m not saying don’t retrospect at all but there are these kind of people I’ve seen who keep doing retrospection and sulking over what could’ve been done and all that !


22 thoughts on “Retro

  1. Exactly. Don’t know why do some people live in the past. There are many people who do the same and forget the power of the moment.
    Life is never easy, but keep pushing through, look towards the good, and everything will work itself out. 🙂

  2. There has to be a balance..You have to look back and learn from the past and the mistakes you have made..but you also need to move on and live your life..

    As in most things balance is the key 🙂

  3. There is no point crying over spilled milk.. What’s happened has happened.. One should live in the present rather than worrying over the past..

    Of course, it is important to learn from previous mistakes, but overly dwelling over them is going to bring no good to anyone..

  4. the only thing i regret is that if i had known working life was so sucky…i would have been more of a wild child in college ….!!!

    plus i would have studied less…who knew i would never need to recite the working of an internal combustion engine ever again…Sigghhhh…

    Old age makes u wise…

  5. I have learnt a bit from my past mistakes…And it gives me happiness most of the times when I do not repeat the same mistakes 😀 BUt you are very true..Life is not a software programme where we can undo/edit few unwanted things..Life is Life !

  6. May be when someone says ” I should have done that” it is sort of reminding the self or take away from past. Looking back also means walking down the memory lane. It is quite nice thing me thinks. 🙂

    1. sure walking down the memory lane is always nice but just that some people miss the fact that they need to come back to NOW also 🙂

  7. I think using retrospection as a reference or a fond memory is OK. But one should not dwell on it… But I do know a lot of joy-destroyers who are always unhappy for what could have been done, as compared to what they did and they try to suck the joy out of other’s lives too! Parasites!

      1. Nu I have some uncles and auts who still come to me and say ‘you should have taken admission in commerce not science, that way you would have never left home’…

        Saying ‘WTF’ to some elders must be legalized I tell you 😀

  8. Retrospecting is good as long as you take the lesson learned from the past and apply it to present and future. There’s no use in sulking and regretting. Nothing’s gonna change that way. Only when you learn something from every experience, you move forward.

  9. I’m with T….there’s no point in having regrets about the past and it would be better to just learn from it and use it today…I used to be a person that had several regrets…the whole “What if I had….” but I’m trying to learn and if things don’t work out, what can I take from it and move on…

  10. Try as we may, but we can’t help looking at our past in retrospect. I always feel like I should have said this, should’ve done that, that I could’ve done much better and things would’ve been very different etc… there are regrets and unfulfilled wishes. But this is how life goes I think. I wish I could back and fix my wrongs. But some things are not to be. Some wishes are not to be fulfilled. Some dreams are to remain dreams forever. The world is so strange. It always moves ahead and we must keep pace with it.

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