You know something? I don’t like reading newspaper…I’ve kind of left reading it since long now..Today after a long time when I opened it up just to scroll through those pages I spotted these :

  1. a 40 years old man is ready to sell his 14 years daughter,for money of course,because he needs it to pay it for his medical expenses at the hospital-where he is taking treatment for his broken leg since almost an year now !!!
  2. A biker got hit by a car driver-there was a huge jam on the road for several hours-later the car driver paid for the biker’s medical expenses and the matter is closed.
  3. The local city van tumbled upon the road resulting into injuring the passengers-thankfully no casualties.
  4. A thief was taken into custody-He stole things from a near by temple!

You get the drift right ? So,the newspapers are filled with these kind of news-bad and often sad news- and may be worse. I refuse to read them.So what if I’ll not know what’s happening in my own city ? Does it really matter so much ? If yes then I’m sure of one thing in near future-A depression attack to follow if I keep reading these news items regularly.

These things really depress me big time.I feel totally miserable and helpless. For example the first news item listed here. Why would a man want to sell his daughter-his own blood for money ? But if you think deep-that is getting into his shoes may be-why is he being treated for a one whole year for his broken leg? He being poor why is he being charged for that? There are so many questions which make way if you really sit and think through and then this all leads to 3 words-Corruption,Politics and Senselessness…I might be wrong in judging the situation-but there are problems beneath the entire system of the country !!!

Okay coming back to the original post-What else do you mean by a NEWSPAPER ? What should it contain ? All masala gossips ? Entertainment news only?? Something which is only good and has no tint of bad to it ? But then this would not be justice to the purpose,isn’t it ?

So,what according to you is a newspaper ? And if you would be given a chance to do some moderations,how would you like your newspaper to be ?

42 thoughts on “Newspaper

  1. Newspaper: Amitabh Bachan said that he reads only the Sports page of the newspaper!
    I do read the papers but every time I close it with the same thoughts as yours. Corruption, scandal, sex, border-issues. But what else can we expect, haan? Everywhere it is the same. That is why I like the Sunday papers. The Hindu has a magazine which carries many good articles from different areas. My ideal newspaper wold be like the Sunday magazine with oodles of literary, cultural, cuisine, fitness and way of life stuff

    Have a lovely weekend, dear Nu.

    Joy always,

  2. Oh as of now, newspaper is just the same you described. Not just paper, even news on tv..murder, rape, kidnap, theft etc etc. I am with you. There is a reason we smart people dont need to read the newspapers ;P

  3. Oh yes I so am yearning to read some positive news too, Scribbler. I mean our country cant just be about a man wanting to sell his daughter to fund for his treatment or a biker being knocked down by a car-driver. Why project such a pathetic side of our country?? Its so depressing!

  4. So true i think over time media has become to crazy all they care for is the ratings .. they want spice and stuff on the front page so people read it or no sorry said the wrong word.. people BUY it thats how they make there money..

    It is really depressing reading the news now.. more often hardly any concrete news comes, they write somethign today then the opposite the next day..

    earlier on people had loyalties and wrote for or angaist not you dont know todya they write Mr. A is the best thing to happen to country, tommorrow its Mr. B and so on..

    The news which is relevant is on middle pages and the ones which as you mentioned are in front pages its all gone wrong somehwere ….

    Since I am in Uk, I read the online edition of my local state newpaper Tribune and that too to see the chandigarh part, jsut to be in touch.. and offcourse the Sports page thats it .. rest I have reached not just me a few others too have reached a conclusion is all false news… And if you read the online version of a few newspapers you find so many mistakes tooo 🙂

    1. Oh…yeah…the sad news items depress me tooo….never read them….

      But I love the newspaper magazines, with good articles on health, life, of course food… 🙂 Also, I enjoy bloggers space in Indian Express magazine – so many bloggers write in that. Its interesting take on current situations. 🙂 I love the crosswords…the cartoons….anything light and funny is good for me…sometimes read the editorial, if the topic is good for me… 🙂 🙂

  5. I don’t read newspaper. So let’s not talk about sad and depressing things. The header is very beautiful! and so is your blog’s new and pristine look 🙂

  6. I don’t usually read newspaper. I just have a glance at online newspaper just to see what’s up in my country and around the world. Don’t go into detail. I do, however, read printed newspaper to read specific feature stories such a travelogue, short story, etc. But when I come through an English newspaper, I do read because it helps me improve my English efficiency. 🙂

  7. i too dnt read NP …infact thats nt a good quality i suppose…
    bad and good news a part of life….
    from the newspapers point of view…or infact from the communicatio0n industry’s view all news are news…those which has to spread are mention in it…
    no big deal…its our choice wat we want to read…
    many may nt find boolywood goosip interesting…but i do find it interesting….
    similarily..its our choice….they just present the vaiety and present to u …its u to pick one

    Isn’t it?

  8. I read the news everyday Nu, but online… TOI to know what’s happening back home and BBC to know what’s happening here… I am ok with the sad bad news, it’s only the truth, it deserves to be heard…

    What I am not ok with is the sex articles and the celebrity made-out-broke-up stories… I think it’s totally unnecassary… I don’t want to know who called Deepika at 2 in the night or what claims Rakhi Sawant is making 🙄

    1. you’re right that the truth deserves to be heard…but if that truth remains constant in every part then it actually saddens the heart… 😐

      Yeah we sure don’t want to know this stuff about actors but there are few who like to be fed with this kind of knowledge too 🙂

  9. see the sad news only make a news…..uske ghar mein beta hua …that will nt be the news no….usne road pe dum toda..will be the news..instances which are rare will get the attention…it sad but true…
    and if looking for option ……the best option u have…read Blogs>….:)

  10. You know Nu, I left reading newspapers for more than one and a half year..

    Similar case, all of them focus on such news that are depressing, that makes me feel that I am on a hell (regardless of feeling where I am)…

    and moreover, many of them explains an incident in their own way which will help them to influence people financially (as the main newspapers are run by the large ‘BUSINESS GROUP OF INDUSTRIES!! )

    I don’t like to feel helpless. as long as I have nothing to do! … 😦

  11. Newspapers are still a lot better than news channels. Why on earth do news channels show whats next on soaps or reality shows? None of the news channels show the weather of Chattisgarh’s capital Raipur even when it has been 10 yrs since CG came into being!! hopeless. So I prefer newspapers and the e-version.

    1. Oh News channels ? Calls for a separate post for ranting !!!

      Ya if there has to be a comparison then may be newspapers do still better than the channels..

      but overall both are in the same league of pathetic-ness !

  12. I don’t read the Newspaper. I don’t want to know what is happening around me I guess. I know that is selfish and ignorant, but well, it’s easier to be that way at times!

  13. Same here Nu!
    The moment I open a newspaper, I see the word ‘rape’, ‘sexual asualt’, etc. Always! Argghhhh… blood starts boiling and the next moment the paper will be thrown to a corner.
    Same thing with movies… if there’s a scene, I stop seeing it then and there itself. It disturbs me a LOT!

    It really lacks positivity! 😦

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