Being brave

I wonder is being brave so difficult? Do I have to really gather lot of courage to pull up a brave face in front of someone? Especially when I know that I’m not wrong at all…okay may be a little bit but basically more on the right side. I was thinking why do I take so much time to say what I want to say I should be saying ?

Life drops you at such bad spots that you have to keep mum and let it go. But how many times one has to let it go is the question and I’ve to find the answer to it…but where do you get to know life related answers? Any google specially made for this? Any answer data bank available?



7 thoughts on “Being brave

  1. Complicated. When you feel you are right, putting up a brave face means just sticking with the truth. Here, bravery would depend on how long you stick to it. The longer you do, the braver you are !
    On the other hand, diversion from truth may not necessarily be cowardice, but then you’ll have a tough time convincing yourself about it 😐

    exactly my point,sigh!

  2. Sometimes when we are so caught up in the moment and wish to say something but can’t is good. In my experience whenever I said what I wanted to say at any exact moment has left me feeling horrible…
    There is nothing like google or bing to search answers for life, although I wish…….one has to find answers within…What may work in one case might not work in another..
    I wish you are able to find answers that you are looking for………..

    I wish the same too Aday…thanks 🙂

  3. havent you heard…The best speech you ever make is when you are angry!
    So check the words seeping out! I try my best not to blurt out my brains but when end up doing just that and in turn hurt a lot of people
    Btw if you ever find a google for it….people temme!

    lol sure I’ll pass on the address to you too 😉

  4. Can so relate to this. Sometimes you have to keep mum in spite of knowing that you are right. I hate such times. I hate myself at such times. But then, there is a point beyond which you can take no more and you have to speak up. Then there’s no looking back. It’s like the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back or something.

    yeah but the question arises is where is the limit to stop keeping mum and start talking? Also,if one waits till that point I fear that the resentment reaches to an unmanageable level where in there is not patching up possible,no?

  5. Well, i can never keep mum — and i cant keep count of the number of times i’ve got into trouble for just that!! 😀

    I would love to get in trouble for saying what should be said at that moment but sigh situations !!!!!

  6. I guess me in same position , dont know how where to get my answers .. life sometimes plays evil jokes , and people around play more EVILER … i guess hit and tiral method .. I never seem to do anything right whatever i want to , I can bet if i go and kill myself someone will still say he should not have died like this , this way was better

    oh dear..don’t be so sad with it all…we all come to such crossroads in life..sadly life throws them at us more often 😦

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