Is this me, really ?

You know there are times when you say or do something that later you realize was so not your type? Does this often happen to you ? Well, it surely happens to me, if not a lot, but very regularly.

And it is only in terms of saying or doing bad things, sometimes its also about good things. And then you look back and realize you are capable of doing such nice things too, surprised because you never thought of doing it or never said it!

Just couple of days back while driving back from work, at a traffic signal there was this balloon vendor, a boy not more than 15 years old, he looked me in the eye and kind of pleaded to buy the balloon/s. I initially thoughtΒ only from Chirpy’s perspective and thought oh we just bought her a balloon the other day and its still lying somewhere in the we don’t need one right away, maybe some other time dude, and I looked elsewhere. Thanks to the signal length, I was there for almost 2 mins, which gave me time to re-think on my decision. I again looked at the guy, who somehow had got stuck to selling the balloon/s to me, i rolled down the glass and asked him how much is he selling one for, he said Rs.10 and if I buy two he’d give me for Rs. 15. I was like, for that one quick second said, areh yarr, give 2 for Rs. 10 and something inside me kind of literally hit me hard. Within a fraction of second I said Ok I’ll buy, but the signal turned to green light and I had to proceed, but I signalled him to meet me at the other side of the signal and you should have seen the way he ran, to reach to the other side, before I reached and ensured that i don’t just drive away without buying, the look in his eyes, while he looked back twice to confirm whether I was still behind him, the expressions on his face stating how happy he was with the thought that he would earn some money… I was moved, beyond any expression!

The moment I reached to the other side, I bought two balloons and without any discussion gave him Rs. 20. He smiled at me and I got my deepest “Thank You” from him! I would never forget that look on his face, the smile on his lips and the gratitude in his eyes!

I just reminded myself that when I can shop in big stores without blinking an eye at the prices or without a slightest thought of bargaining, then why should I bargain with a person who is not only selling the goods on road but his sweat and blood too with all honesty!

I loved myself very much that day, I made a promise to myself, to not bargain with street vendors like him and especially definitely not for such petty money!

So good things or bad, there are times when you are reminded of being you, the you that might be hiding somewhere behind you and then you tend to ask, was it me, really? πŸ™‚


14 thoughts on “Is this me, really ?

  1. Agree – I usually dont care when vendors overcharge me (within reason) !!

    and i second the thought when so often i just think I dont need it and then it strikes me that he needs me to buy it

  2. That was such a sweet read. You must have made his day. We do tend to bargain as a reflux action don’t we. For pennies which don’t really matter to us. I make a point not to bargain with small shops or street side vendors.. It started to feel a bit hypocritical to me that I would happily pay much much more at high end malls but end up bargaining with people who can ill afford to give us a discount, which if we are honest, we don’t really need… That was lovely to read, Nu.

    1. that’s exactly what I felt that day and told myself to just buy things, let them make their living and not bargain for sure… and Smithu, I really can’t forget the way he ran ahead of me, kept tracing me and the deepness in his eyes was not something to overlook! I just cannot forget that… and more importantly, he was slogging to sell few of those balloons, not standing shamelessly and begging for money, which I think is commendable!

      1. Absolutely Nu! Absolutely. My heaary goes out to these kids who work so hard to make as much as they can. Hugs to you for making a difference in this boy’s life.

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